Will Harry and Meghan name the royal baby after his mother?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently expecting a child, but many people have started wondering about the name of the new royal baby.

Although it is yet far too soon to know whether it will be a boy or a girl, oddsmakers everywhere are already accepting bets from royal fans.

As reported by People, there are some clear favorites on each end, but, as always, this is pure speculation and only Harry and Meghan will know what they want their baby to be named.

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According to bookmaker William Hill, the bets started coming in as soon as the pregnancy announcement was made public, and that the name Victoria is currently at the top spot.


The name is also the first pick for Ladbrokes at 8-1, with Alice and Elizabeth coming right after with the same odds.  But what if the baby turns out to be a boy?

Well, in that case, Albert seems to be the public's number one choice, while Arthur comes in second place at 10-1; William Hill also has Alexander at 7-1.


But those are not the only names on the table since people also believe that the new royal could be named after his or her grandparents, Charles and Diana.

As previously mentioned, it is still too soon to start throwing guesses; so far, the only information available is that Meghan has had her 12-week scan and is 'feeling well.'


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently in Australia as part of their first royal tour together, which is expected to last for 16 whole days.

As of now, the Royals have met with Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, the Queen's representative in Australia, and visited Sydney's Taronga Zoo, where they were able to interact with several local animals, including an echidna and a koala.

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