Woman calls police on a black man with white kids in his car, but officer exposes his motives

In Marietta, Georgia a black man got harassed, followed and reported to the police by a white woman while babysitting children of good friends.

Corey Lewis runs a youth mentoring business called ‘Inspired By Lewis,’ with the focus of one-on-one mentoring, etiquette and social skills classes for children, promoting positive character development and self-awareness.

The couple David Parker and Dana Mango have known Lewis for years as their son have been part of his program for some time and have hired Lewis on many occasions to babysit their two children aged 6 and 10.

About a week ago Lewis was babysitting the two youngsters while their parents were out for dinner when the incident occurred. They were outside a Cobb County Walmart when a white woman approached them and asked to speak to the little girl and threatened to take down his car registration.

Source: Facebook/Corey Lewis

Source: Facebook/Corey Lewis

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The unnamed woman followed them home and phoned the police. Parts of the incident got live streamed to Facebook and showed the police officer arriving at the residence. Lewis is heard saying:

“It’s 2018 and I can’t even step out into the community without being profiled.”

Source: Facebook/ Corey Lewis

Source: Facebook/ Corey Lewis

The police officer asked what was going on and Lewis gave him an account of events, the officer then asked to speak the children, who were still in the back of his car. They got out of the car and told the officer that they know Lewis well and he was babysitting them while their parents were out for dinner.

The police officer left without further questioning as it was clear that the situation was nothing more than a babysitter taking the children out for something to eat.

A property manager suffered the consequence of being fired after her alleged racial profiling when a video got posted on Facebook showing her calling the police because a black man wore socks at the community pool.

Erica Walker formerly the property manager at Riverset Apartments approached the black couple Camry Porter and Kevin Yates shortly after arriving at the pool with their two godchildren around noon on July 4, 2018.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Yates was sitting poolside with his feet in the water and still had his socks on when Walker approached him identifying herself as the property manager. She told him to take his socks off, Porter asked her what the problem was to which Walker responded that no t-shirts, socks, hats, or things of that nature are allowed in the pool.

When Porter asked Walker for identification, she asked them to leave and when they refused, she called the police.

Camry Porter posted the video on Facebook and said many people were in violation of the pool dress code and believes they were singled out because they were the only black family there and said:

“As soon as we got there, we were immediately attacked over a pair of socks. You can’t pick and choose who you enforce rules on. That’s what made me feel like it was racial profiling.”

Some of these incidents have taken on extreme measures, like when a woman dubbed ‘Corner Store Caroline’ accused a black 9-year-old boy of sexually assaulting her by touching her buttock at a Brooklyn bodega earlier in October. The woman got filmed phoning 911 and causing a scene outside the bodega while the terrified boy hid behind his mother.

Passersby told the woman to go home and criticized her for accusing the young boy of assault. The security footage inside the store, where the incident took place shows the unsuspecting boy trying to leave the store with his mother and sister.

Source: Facebook/Jason Stovetop Littlejohn

Source: Facebook/Jason Stovetop Littlejohn

The boy brushed past her in a narrow space with bags in hand and a backpack on his back, bumping against ‘Corner Store Caroline’ on their way out of the store, hardly noticing the woman who was half bent over the counter.

All three cases point toward racial profiling and prejudice, also showing the negative effect that discrimination has on everyone involved.

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