Steven Tyler sings Happy Birthday to a 7-year-old on plane (video)

The Aerosmith member made sure that it was going to be the seven-year-old girl’s best birthday as he sang a sweet “Happy Birthday” to her during a Southwest Airlines flight.

The little girl named Carly was surprised when she learned that the legendary Steven Tyler was sitting in front of her on the plane.

Perhaps it was just meant to be since Carly just turned seven at the time. Seeing it as a great opportunity, Carly’s mother did not hesitate and asked Tyler if he could wish her daughter a happy birthday.

Tyler happily agreed, and it was a good thing the mother recorded the special moment for everyone to see.

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While it was shocking to know that Tyler does not travel via private jets, it was even more surprising that he went the extra mile to make little Carly feel special.

On the mother, Christa’s YouTube account, she wrote, “Steven Tyler sits in front of us on Southwest and took my phone to sing Happy Birthday to my daughter on her 7th birthday and this is what happened…what a great guy!!! So cool and now she is also a fan for life!!”

In the video, the mother was holding up her phone when Tyler asked if he was recording. Just then, Tyler started singing a special version of the “Happy Birthday” song exclusively for the adorable girl seated behind him.

At some point, Tyler grabbed the phone from the mother’s hand and filmed the rest of the video. He showed off the birthday girl, who looked a little shy but was still coyly smiling as she was being serenaded by one of the most talented artists in the world.

Tyler also took the time even to compliment Carly’s sparkly, pink skirt.

Perhaps when Carly becomes a little older, she will look back to this special moment when she was made special by one of the world’s most famous rock stars.

Meanwhile, in other related news, Tyler demanded that President Donald Trump should stop using Aerosmith songs at rallies.

After the band’s “Livin’ on the Edge,” was used at Trump’s West Virginia rally, Tyler’s legal team went ahead and sent a cease-and-desist letter addressed to the president for using the song without asking permission from the band.

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