Ballerina forgets her routine, but dad jumps up on stage and steals the show with his moves

The little girl’s father came to the rescue and went up on stage to dance with his little ballerina after she got stage fright and forgot the entire routine.

According to the Daily Mail, Marc Daniels jumped on stage to save his two-year-old daughter, Bella, during her performance at the Hamilton City Hall in Bermuda.

Supposedly, Bella had been crying on stage and was not dancing, unlike her fellow ballet dancers.

Feeling the urge to save his daughter from feeling embarrassed, Daniels decided to get up and head towards the stage.

Source: Facebook/ Motion School of Dance

Source: Facebook/ Motion School of Dance

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As soon as he was on stage with his daughter, he stood beside her and did the entire routine, encouraging his daughter to do the same.

Source: Facebook/ Motion School of Dance

Source: Facebook/ Motion School of Dance

Of course, little Bella was happy that her father was by her side. She seemed to have gained a little more confidence and shyly did the routine along with her fellow dancers. It appeared that Daniels efforts were not put to waste.

Aside from being Bella’s hero, many people were also amazed that Daniels managed to dance and guide Bella throughout the performance while simultaneously holding his other baby in his arms.

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

Daniels didn’t seem to care that he might be made fun of for dancing on stage. All that mattered to him was making his daughter happy.

The entire moment was all too adorable, and luckily, it was all recorded on video. Many social media users across the globe gushed over the father’s actions, commenting on how sweet he was for doing what he did.

The Motion School of Dance posted the video on their Facebook page, and it has received more than 700,000 views since.

On the caption, they wrote, “In Motion, Dads are the best. Sometimes, you simply need your dad on stage to help bring out your inner ballerina!”

Meanwhile, in another story, another father traveled far to surprise his baby daughter who was diagnosed with leukemia.

The father went to the hospital, dressed up in a suit and tie, and surprised the young tot with a special father-and-daughter dance.

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