Farmers' Almanac made a prediction regarding the coming winter

Winter might be milder this 2018, according to the prediction on “The Old Farmer’s Almanac.”

You might want to change your fur coats to raincoats since the book predicted that this winter might be warmer and wetter instead of the usual freezing and snowy weather.

For most of the United States, the temperature is expected to be above-normal. Although, the book suggested that it might be a little colder in the Southwest.

The book clarified that it would still feel like winter, but they predicted it wouldn’t be as harsh this year.

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One of the reasons why a milder winter season is expected is because of El Niño that will hinder cold air masses from staying the North.

Even though there is also a decrease in solar activity, the book’s official website predicted that the other factors that help make up the winter weather would prevent the temperatures from spiking up this 2018.

There will be more rain and less snow, according to the site, but it won’t be the case in the Southeast, southern California, the midsection of the country, and some portions of Alaska and Hawaii. In the said locations, normal to below-normal precipitation is predicted to occur.

As for the locations that frequently experiences snow, the site revealed that there might only be below-normal levels of snowfall. The only areas where there might be more snow are the interior West and a small portion of the midsection.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Meanwhile, in Canada, the site predicted that it would be mostly cold and more snow will fall this 2018.

“The Old Farmer’s Almanac,” founded by Robert B. Thomas, continues to be North America’s most trusted almanac. It also remains to be the most popular and the longest-running one.

This year is the 227th edition of the book. Americans have been anticipating the book’s release each year since it has become a trusted source of weather forecasts, astronomy, recipes, and even folklore since 1972.

The book has been around since George Washington was president.

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