I felt humiliated,' 9-year-old boy in 'Cornerstore Caroline' video speaks out

The 9-year-old boy in the "Cornerstore Caroline" video has spoken up about feeling humiliated after it's gone viral. 

Last weekend, a white woman named Teresa Klein called the cops saying that a 9-year-old boy named Jeremiah Harvey sexually assaulted her by touching her butt at a convenience store. 

However, when the store's CCTV was reviewed, it turned out that the boy's backpack had accidentally grazed the woman's behind as he and his mom were passing by her while she was standing at the counter. 

After being shamed by thousands of internet users for her assumption, Klein eventually issued an apology at what she had done. Despite this apology, people, including Jeremiah's mother Someko Bellille, were not ready to accept it. 

During a community meeting organized by the Brooklyn Borough council presided by Eric Adams, the angry mom expressed her feelings in an interview

“What happened to us respecting one another, having unity and being neighborly.”

The man who recorded the video, Jason Littlejohn, made sure to express his disappointment over what had happened as well. The video he uploaded on social media has since then had 8 million views and counting. According to him, their movement does not stop here. 

“We’re definitely going to make a movement out here. We’re going to stop people — I will say, people — from dialing 911 unnecessarily. It’s gotta stop, people. We will not let this continue to happen.”

Given that they come from a supposedly-friendly neighborhood, Jeremiah said that friendship is really the key to everything that has been happening. As for the grown woman who accused a 9-year-old boy? He definitely does not accept her apology. 

“I don’t forgive this woman and she needs help.”

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