White man shouts racial abuse in video, refuses to sit next to elderly Black woman during flight

Edduin Carvajal
Oct 22, 2018
10:33 A.M.

An unidentified white man became viral after he refused to sit next to an elderly black lady on a flight from Barcelona, Spain, to the Stansted Airport in London.


David Lawrence, another passenger, noticed that there was a confrontation a couple of meters away from him, so he used his phone to record the problem. In the video, the man, sitting in the window seat, appeared yelling and complaining about the woman next to him.

At some point, a flight attendant asked the lady, identified only as “Mrs. Gayle,” if she wanted to move to another seat, but she refused. However, the white man threatened her saying that if she didn’t move, he would “put [her] into another seat.”



The man even called the 77-year-old lady an “ugly black bastard” and used some more expletive words. Apart from that, he complained about her talking in “a foreign language.”


About a minute later, Mrs. Gayle realized that the aggressive man was not going to stop his rant, so she asked the flight attendant to move her closer to her daughter, who was also in the plane.



Mrs. Gayle’s daughter later told The Huffington Post that Mrs. Gayle had arthritis, so it was difficult for her to move out of the way for the man to get into his seat, which was the reason why he started such aggressive rant.

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_


One of the most striking aspects of it is that a passenger sitting behind Mrs. Gayle had to intervene and calm down the attacker, something that the flight attendants should have done.

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_


The video, which contains strong language, went viral in no time, not only because of the racist aspect of it but because of the way the staff of the Ryanair flight handled the situation.

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_


Most of the people who watched it considered that the aggressive man should have been kicked off the flight, including Lawrence, who suggested so while recording.

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_

Source: Twitter/_SJPeace_


Ryanair Airlines reported the incident to the police in Essex and, since the police are now handling it, they cannot make any comments, revealed Robin Kiely, the airline’s head of communications.



While racism is one of the worst things in the world, that man was not the first individual who disrespected a black person in a plane as a woman in a Southwest Airlines flight used racial slurs on one of the flight attendants.

One of the passengers on the plane, which went from Chicago to Houston, noticed the altercation, so they started recording everything. In it, the unidentified white passenger called the flight attendant the N-word and another expletive words only because they asked her to pull up the trail table.

After a couple of seconds, a member of the plane staff walked to her seat, asked her to retrieve all her belongings, and made her leave the plane. Police officers were at the gate waiting for her.

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