Brandy makes headlines for looking like Ray J's wife Princess Love in recent photo

The Norwood siblings are known for their striking physical resemblance. However, in a recent pic shared by Brandy, she looks a lot like her brother’s wife, Princess Love. Fans are having way too much fun with this, considering the alleged “bad blood” between Princess and the Norwood family.

Brandy Norwood and her younger brother, R&B singer turned reality star Ray J are known for their special bond and also the drama surrounding their little family. The siblings had a rough few months before the birth of Ray J’s first daughter with Princess Love, but it seems like they have settled their disagreements.


In a recent pic shared by Brandy on her Instagram page, the brother-sister duo posed side to side for a selfie, showing off a close-up of their faces and their undistinctive Norwood features. Brandy was rocking a black t-shirt and her hair styled in soft waves, while her brother rocked a red and black plaid t-shirt and a black hat.

“We us, who you?” the “Star” actress captioned the pic.

While most fans took the comment section to gush about how lovely is to see Brandy and Ray J together, others pointed out that the singer looks a lot like Princess Love in this particular photo. “s this Brandy or Princess hmm,” asked one curious fan.

Another added, “Why Brandy and Princess look alike... I had to read the caption,” and a third one said, “I thought this was Princess with the wrong color make up.”

While Brandy hasn’t addressed the comments, and she probably won’t, is safe to assume that Princess Love must be not amused at all by the comparisons.

Just a few months before the birth of her daughter, the reality star and her husband’s family had a disagreement that was then televised on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”


It seems like Ray J being Ray J, disappeared to Las Vegas a few weeks before Princess’ gender reveal party, even though the couple still had a few details to finish. To caught his attention, a pregnant and emotional Princess posted a cryptic image on Instagram and deleted all of her pics with Ray J, making fans assume the man had cheated on her.

After Ray J went back home, his mother, Sonya Norwood, demanded him to ask Princess for a public apology, stating that she was damaging his reputation on social media. Princess refused to do so, of course.

At the gender reveal, Sonya and Brandy made an appearance, but instead of keeping things on the low, Sonya called out Princess for “embarrassing” her son in public and told her she would “deal with her” after the baby was born.

An upset Princess started crying, but she stood her ground, as Brandy, trying to act like the peacemaker, schooled Princess about being a “good example” for her baby. “Are you a good example to your daughter?” Princess fired back.


While is not clear if Princess and her mother-in-law ever made peace, Ray J assured fans a few months ago that like every other family, they had some disagreement but were back on a good place.

Brandy has been posting pics of her niece, Melody, and Princess all over Instagram, always gushing about the baby girl and praising her “sister” for being such a good mommy.

Princess hasn’t addressed the feud anymore, as she’s focusing all her efforts on motherhood and taking care of her adorable baby girl.

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