October 22, 2018

Name of man who accosted 9/11 widow made public

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Steve Wilson has been identified as the man who verbally accosted a 9/11 widow on October 13. His employer publicly made his firing known on their social media.

Brandon Farley filmed Wilson berating a woman in the streets of Portland, Oregan. They were walking amid a "flash march for Law and Order" that was being held by a conservative group.

According to Milne News, the former employee of "Self Enhancement Inc" had worked as a data specialist. His Facebook page showed that he liked an AK Press page. Notably, he wore a jacket featuring the logo of the left-wing publisher in the clip.

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A tweet from Self Enhancement Inc read:

"Steve Wilson is no longer an employee of SEI. His behavior does not represent the values of our organization or the high expectations that we have for our employees."

Wilson's actions were harassing a woman as he stood behind her at a crosswalk. The video may be hard to watch due to the strong language, but reflects the reality of protesting action and the persons who are present at these events.

As the woman waited for the traffic signal to turn, Wilson asked her why she was trying to block him.

"You're a [expletive] snarky little [expletive] idiot," Wilson told the woman when she responded.



"I'm not like... your cop boyfriend who is going to [explective] knock you out," he said when she invited him to "try something [explective]."

That's when the woman pointed to her NYPD cap and said: "My husband died on 9/11."

Wilson said:

"Good, good. NYPD was a bunch of sodomizers, [explective] sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks."

He then made a horrendous statement as the woman walked away:

"Your husband... should rot in the grave."


The man's face bore a strong resemblance to pro-skateboarder Charlie Wilkins. Wilkins was forced to defend himself online when viewers started to attack him.


Later, it was confirmed that Steve Wilson was the attacker. His facebook name is SalvadOrwell Wilson. 

Pro-Antifa journalists from Portland attempted to come to Wilson's defense. Shane Kavanaugh reported on the validity of the woman who said her husband died in 9/11.

While they did not say she was lying, they claimed that "her name does not match the names of their spouses or partners when they died, news and public record searches show."


Either way, Kavanaugh seemed to agree that the words of Wilson were uncalled for.

Back in September, a much more positive twist happened during a 9/11 memorial.

Unplanned, a wild bald eagle landed on the flag display on a raised ladder during a tribute.

The elegant creature was captured on video. The Andover Minnesota Fire Department, who organized the event, uploaded the clip to their Facebook page.

Persons like Wilson do not appear to have much respect for the dead. But even an intelligent animal like this bald eagle appeared as if to show its respect for the fallen.


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