October 25, 2018

Woman tells God that she feels incredibly lonely and his 'answer' left her weeping

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During the prayer, this woman said to God: "Father, I feel so alone," and the response she got from him left her completely shocked.

A woman named Lindsay Davis, wrote on her Facebook explaining how she felt when she realized that God had spoken to her and answered her doubts.

Her life changed forever, after having had her first session of a class she took called "Develop intimacy with God". During the prayer that is done in this class, she expressed her desire to stop being alone by saying: "Father, I feel so alone".

At that moment she felt that He responded by saying: "Yes, I miss you too". Confused by the response she had heard, she decided to ask him again: "Father, what do you mean? That has nothing to do with what I just told you. "


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To which she felt his response immediately: "It really has everything to do with what you just told me. Lindsay, loneliness is a lie. It does not really exist. "

"You mentalize yourself in your life and you only include me in the spiritual parts of it when I really want to be included in every moment, spiritual or non-spiritual. And I am part of your spiritual and not spiritual life, I have never left you"

"But you keep trying to make an effort in my presence, when I've been sitting by your side all this time, waiting for you to recognize me."


Upon hearing this, this woman cried so much, and at the same time continued to ask God: "Okay, then, what would my life be like if I did not share my thoughts with you?"

She felt that he said to her: "It would seem that you get up in the morning and you see me sitting on the end of your bed, smiling over you, listening to you and wishing you a good day".

"It would seem to ask me what makeup look you should do today. I gave you the gift of art and you are so good at that. I would love to help you!".


"It would seem to have my hand in the car on your way to school."

"It would seem to introduce you to your friends and non-believing family members in everyday life."

"When you're hungry throughout the day, I want to go have lunch with you. I want to go to the grocery store with you. I want to eat with you and spend some time listening about your day. "

"When you're frustrated and disappointed and you have a bad day, I want to be the Rock you can stand on. I want you to rest your head on my chest and let me comfort you. I can handle you having a bad day."



"I am not a Father who only wants to do the "spiritual things" with you. I want to read my Word with you and reveal all the mysteries, and I want to go to the movies with you ".

"I want to see you worship and I want to take a walk with you in the park. I want to sit with you and listen to all your prayers, but I also want to talk to you while you get bored at work."

"I want to give you an infinite amount of holy spiritual experiences, powerful and inexplicable, but I also want to be with you in the seemingly mundane."

I created you to have intimacy with me, not only in the church, not only in prayer, not only in adoration, not only in times of need, but in EVERYTHING you do. "


"I love you Lindsay, I want to spend the rest of your earthly life with you, as much as I want to spend eternity with you." At that time, a grace took hold of this woman and she opened her heart to God.


In worship, I was not only singing with words on a screen, but every word came alive and understood them for the first time. Not only did she struggle to feel presence in her prayers, but she also knew that God was sitting next to her, holding her hand, as she explains it.

After realizing everything that happened before, she could begin to change her life completely. Lindsay explains this same story on her Facebook account, making many users interested in it and inspiring them to have a closer relationship with God.

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