Good Samaritan fined after he defended a helpless 88-year-old woman during a sickening attack

A resident from Klintsy in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia was slapped with a fine after he rushed to a senior woman's defence. 

Back in September, a drunken resident who was later identified as Sergey Kravchenko attacked an 88-year-old woman in her garden. 

Leonid Shchepel kicked Kravchenko in the face to get him off the frail Klara Melamed, and for that, he was fined £58. 

Kravchenko, in his drunken state, confused Melamed's apartment for his own and thought she was an intruder. 

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Melamed was covered in mud by the time Shchepel arrived at her front door, and she suffered broken ribs and teeth. 

She also sustained injuries to her head and several bruises all over her body and dislocated her arm.

Despite receiving a fine, Shchepel said he did not regret what he did and added that Melamed's life is worth more than £58. 

Kravchenko was arrested and placed in custody for the 2-month duration that the case will be investigated. 

Shchepel has since received support from the online community, with countless netizens defending the brave hero online. 

A user known as Tony Coils said he would gladly pay the fine on Shchepel's behalf, while Paul Smart suggested that a GoFundMe account be created. 

Another user, Cem Ozan, said he is "ready to pay his fine" as well, and added: "and ready to pay it for next time meeting as well."

Linda Milton remarked that it was money well spent, while Lesley Hawkes pointed out that Melamed could have died if Shchepel didn't come to her aid. 

Jason Watson wanted to know "how can you stop violence without violence," and several users said Shchepel should have been giving an award, not a fine. 

Angela asked what was wrong with the country because the brave Shchepel "saved the poor woman."

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