Rangers finally captured a massive 1,300-pound crocodile after a 10-year search

Senior wildlife rangers caught the biggest crocodile in the Katherine Region following a 10-year long hunt for the creature.

A video posted to Twitter showed the massive 4.71 meters long creature tied carefully onto a moveable cart. The crocodile is estimated to be around 60 years of age.

Previously, the record was held by another croc captured in 2011, which measured at 4.6 meters long, according to Simple Most.

The source quoted the acting director of Wildlife Operations in Katherine, Northern Territory, who explained that the reptile was captured in order to stop it from “interacting with humans.” She added that the crocodile would now “be taken to a croc farm in the Katherine region.”

Source: YouTube/WION

Source: YouTube/WION

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According to a report from Katherine Times, another smaller crocodile measuring only 2.37 meters was also pulled out of the Katherine River in the same are, only about 60 kilometers downstream of the center of Katherine.

The source informed that the frequent rumors regarding the sightings of a dark tail near the boat ramp, 60 kilometers down the stream from the High-Level Bridge, prompted the rangers to be on the hunt for a decade.

Chris Heydon and John Burke, NT Parks and Wildlife rangers, explained that it is extremely rare to capture a croc of this big a size in the Katherine River system.

According to Burke, they capture a 4.2-meter-croc most years, in an average, but something this big was never caught before.

The source further informed that the rangers set the trap two weeks ago, and it caught the bigger one first.

Source: YouTube/WION

Source: YouTube/WION

The huge saltwater croc, which weighs almost 600 kilograms and was estimated to be over 60 years old, was not as difficult to trap as one might assume, Burke explained.

“When they are this big we just sedate them, so there is no chance of us getting chomped,” ranger Heydon added.

The rangers further explained that capturing more crocs downstream “makes it less likely” that they will find these animals any closer to the Katherine town.

This surprising capture during the dry season further stresses the importance of the warnings of Parks and Wildlife to avoid swimming in local rivers and streams.

Burke also warned that there still were crocs, bigger in size than the one they caught, that come up from the Daly River.

Over the years, nature has surprised us in unique and strange ways with such unusual discoveries and sightings. Previously, a family visiting Australia also reported the discovery of a surprisingly huge fish off the coast of Lancelin, which is 120 kilometers north of Perth.

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