Woman calls her family to say goodbye as flood sweeps her away, until a hero appears

Aby Rivas
Oct 24, 2018
12:53 A.M.

A woman from Blairs, Virginia, nearly lost her life when she was driving to work in the middle of a flood. After falling to the water, she was convinced it was her end, so she called her family to say goodbye. But then a complete stranger came to her rescue.


Kim Drawdy was driving along Goodyear Blvd in Danville on Thursday when her car hit a wall of water near a bridge. She knew she had little time to get out before her car was overflown entirely with water. The woman was able to get out of the car just in time before it nosedived into the water.

Drawdy tried to keep afloat for over 20 minutes, fighting against the current, debris and exhaustion. Before getting out of the car, she had thrown her phone in her bra, so, using voice recognition she tried to call for help but it was useless. Knowing that she wouldn’t make it, Kim called her husband and kids to say goodbye.


That’s when she saw car lights and, tried to stay afloat, screamed for help. Then, a young man by the name of Billy Wilson came to her aid.


He jumped in the water putting his own life at risk to get to Drawdy. "I'm here, I got you, but you’re going to have to try and swim to me," Kim recalls the man telling her. After several attempts to get closer, Billy was able to take her hand and pull her out of the water.

“I fell into his arms and started bawling like a baby because he just saved my life," Drawdy told ABC 13.


However, while she was struggling in the water, Drawdy had heard another woman screaming for help on the other side of the bridge.


After rescuing her, Billy tried to get to the other woman too, but it was impossible. Both Drawdy and Wilson saw how the water consumed Jennifer Mitchell, who unfortunately didn’t make it alive.

"He dropped to his knees and was heartbroken because he was not able to get to her," Drawdy revealed.


The woman set up a GoFundMe page to try and help her savior with some money after she found out he has a daughter and is taking care of her alone.


Billy and Kim met again almost a week after the incident, and they were ecstatic to see the other was doing good.

“Its just something I knew that had to be done I couldn't just see someone out there and not do anything, I'm not that type of person,” Wilson said of his heroic act. He also believes that what he did doesn’t need recognition; he was just in the right place at the right time.


After hugging it out with her savior, Drawdy admitted she would never forget his face.

"I definitely remember exactly what he looks like. I don't think I could ever forget his face," said Drawdy. And Wilson added, “I'm just glad I was there."



Meanwhile, on Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, a man became a hero after saving a 7-year-old boy from a free fall of a tenth floor.

A video captured from the other side of the department complex shows how 28-year-old neighbor Artem Yarev grabbed the boy last minute as he fell from his window in the floor above.


"I went out on the balcony, heard screams in the street, people ran. I opened the window, looked out… looked up and saw that there was a child hanging there. He fell down, fell already, and I caught him," Yarev told Kazakh news agency Tengri News.

The boy didn't have any injuries, and he explained that he was home alone and got bored so he decided to climb out of the window, but he didn't realize the danger.

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