February 08, 2019

Сonjoined twins were given just three days to live, but at 17, they are living a full life.

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When the conjoined twins, Carmen and Lupita Andrade, were born, the doctors said that they would only live for three days. Now at 17, they lead a full life.

Carmen and Lupita, who were born in June 2000, looked stunning in the photo posted on Instagram recently.

Conjoined twins usually die shortly after birth. However, these young ladies overcame it right up to today.

Carmen and Lupita are joined from the chest wall to the pelvis, where their spines meet, as reported by NTD.


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They share some ribs, a liver, their circulatory system, and their digestive and reproductive systems.

They each have two arms, but only a single leg, with Carmen controlling the right leg and Lupita, the left.


Despite these overwhelming obstacles, the twins are living a full life and they even think about themselves as one body.

“We’re so dependent on each other,” Lupita explained.

“There’s the whole psychological situation,” Carmen said. “Because we’ve been so used to being together. I don’t think there’d be a point.”


The two were born in Veracruz, Mexico. When they were two years of age, their parents decided to make a trip to the United States on a medical visa, NTD reported.

They hoped that the doctors in the United States would help separate their daughters. However, the risks involved were the same in the United States as they were in Mexico.


Carmen and Lupita had to spend time in physical therapy when they were little. They made their first steps together when they were four years old.

The twins have needed to figure out how to live their lives in tandem. Even though they learned how to coordinate with one another physically, they are two unmistakably unique identities.


Carmen exceeds expectations in school and has a snappy mind, but Lupita is silent and strives with reading, taking modified tests in school.

Carmen also loves wearing cosmetics. Lupita, on the other hand, is not too worried over her looks.

The pair may have no real option except to stay conjoined, but there is no reason to think they won’t live on to appreciate a full life for years to come.