Pregnant woman cried out 'Shut up' while getting news about the ultrasound

Oct 29, 2018
08:44 A.M.

The woman exclaimed, “Shut up,” during her ultrasound after the doctor delivered the big news that she and her partner were expecting twins.


Christina Von posted the video of her reaction during her first ultrasound appointment on YouTube, which made her go viral because of her unusual response upon learning the great news.

As first-time parents, Christina and her partner were scared. We can only imagine how terrified she must have been when she learned that she was going to deliver not just one, but two babies.

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von


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At some points in the video, apart from her shocked reactions, Christina blamed her partner for having twins.

Her husband, who was videotaping the whole thing, was laughing at her the entire time.

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von


The doctor seemed amused as Christina refused to believe that she was having two babies. The doctor even had to turn the screen towards her to point the two heads that were visible in the monitor.

"Is this a joke? Is this someone else's video?" cried out Christina.

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von


She looked at her tummy and reality seemed to sink in at that point. She was going to be a mother of twins. She looked at her husband and exclaimed that they were not going to have more children after she delivers the twins.

“That’s it. We’re done,” said the terrified mother-to-be.

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von

Source: YouTube/ Christina Von


The husband was laughing and told the doctor that having twins was his wife’s greatest fear since she was a petite woman. She was scared to carry two children in her belly.

"I've been teasing her about this since day one," said the husband.

Eventually, the doctor explained the whole thing to the couple and somehow made Christina feel a lot better.


In another story, this first-time mother was excited to have her first child. Four weeks later, she was feeling uneasy and tired.

She visited the doctor and found out that she was pregnant once again, but the second time around, she was expecting twins.

During her interview, she feels like she has triplets because their eldest is only 10 months older than the twins.

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