Mom shares an urgent warning after 11-year-old son dies during viral 'choking game'

Rebelander Basilan
Oct 26, 2018
07:35 A.M.
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Tia Bodkins, of Elizabeth, Colorado, has issued a warning after her young son Carson passed away while participating another trend game called "Choking Game."


Bodkins found Carson, 11, unresponsive in his room when she went upstairs to pack for a trip, as reported by Fox 31.

The boy was rushed to the hospital. However, not much could be done to save him since his brain had been without oxygen for a really long time. He was pronounced dead on October 12.

In an interview with Fox 31, Bodkins said, “We’re living minute by minute right now, we’re all very sad. We miss him very much, we’re just trying to lift each other up.”


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As indicated by the report, kids playing the choking game may complain of constant headaches or show up with bloodshot eyes.

Now Carson's parents are asking others to watch out for their children's internet habits.

“We have internet blocks, internet protections for all of the boys. But I had let him look at YouTube so he could learn skateboarding tricks, I assumed that's what he was looking at," Bodkins said.


Carson's stepfather, Jason Davis, added, “As parents, the responsibility lies on us to go in and make sure [kids] are protected, and sometimes that might be an invasion of their privacy."

Carson's school and family are working to bring issues to light about the significance of online security.


Bodkins has also opened a memorial fund in her child's name to raise money for a skatepark or play area in her community.

If your youngster complains of persistent headaches and has bloodshot eyes, this might be an indication that they've taken an interest in the choking game.

Other parents have declared comparative alerts in the wake of seeing their very own kid experience the ill effects of crazes, for example, the "fire challenge."

That one left a teenage girl in Michigan with severe burns after she became engulfed in flames over the mid-year.