Dramatic video shows 9 pupils brandishing machetes in terrifying street fight

A recent violent attack between scholars in South Africa has many calling to bring back corporal punishment.

When a dispute broke out between students at a secondary school in the Limpopo Province, South Africa extreme measures got taken when they brought out weapons in the form of machetes and other sharp blade-like weapons.

The students from Tlakale Mashashane Secondary School were slashing, hitting and stabbing at each other running around in chaos, as other students and passersby ran away from the violence screaming.

The weapons seem to have come from their backpacks which had been with the pupils in school that day. A video that got taken during the incident quickly went viral and people reacted in shock at the schoolchildren’s behavior.

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One of the pupils is believed to have been injured during the incident but the school refused to comment. Education authorities suspended nine students pending an investigation.

The post on Twitter by Napjadi Letsoalo had the following comment:

"I write this as a concerned citizen. The way in which our youth is behaving in schools is appalling. Their behavior is clear evidence of anarchy. Corporal punishment should return."

Source: Twitter/NapjadiLetsoalo

Source: Twitter/NapjadiLetsoalo

Similarly, a large scale violent attack broke out between pupils at Fir Vale School in Sheffield around 1 pm on October 25 involving around 100-150 students when a brawl broke out although no weapons of any sort were spotted.

Police arrived quickly and the police dog unit was also brought to the scene. One student suffered minor injuries which got treated on scene.

Simon Hawkins, the head teacher at the school said:

“We are continuing to work with the police in relation to this incident, which was resolved quickly and efficiently and I’d like to reassure parents and students that school will return as normal tomorrow and that Fir Vale School is a happy, calm and safe environment.”

Source: SWNS

Source: SWNS

Shelley Hemsley, superintendent from South Yorkshire Police also commented:

“I’d like to offer my reassurance to the local community that this incident was resolved shortly after and officers have remained in the area since, as the school closed for the day. The school also acted quickly and efficiently, in dealing with the initial incident and then calling us.”

Source: SWNS

Source: SWNS

Another brawl involving school students erupted in the lunchroom of the Florin high school in Sacramento, California. The situation quickly escalates and school principal Don Ross stepped in to break up the fight.

One of the students involved in the dispute then threw the principal to the floor, but he got up quickly and dragged the student out who attacked him,

The brawl originally involved three students who were later placed under arrest by police officers and faced charges of making threats and suspicion of battery.

Source: Inside Edition

Source: Inside Edition

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