Girl, 4, dies in her parents' arms after losing her battle with an incurable disease

A family's fight against their daughter's inoperable brain tumor ends in her tragic death. 

Edi Molyneux was just 3 when doctors discovered she was suffering from terminal cancer. In 2017 she was given weeks to live, but her family was determined to fight for her life.

Sadly, that battle ended on October 22, 2018, as Edi slipped away. In tribute to their angel, Ashleigh Stading , 29, and Stephen Molyneux, 35 posted a touching video on Facebook/ RIP Edie Molyneux.

Edi passed away just days after her October 13 fourth birthday.


Three-year-old Edi started complaining about headaches, and doctors diagnosed childhood migraines. 

But when the headaches continued unabated, doctors performed an MRI and came back with a devastating diagnosis: There was a malignant mass growing around Edi's brainstem: a tumor.


The tumor was a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, also know as a DIPG. This is a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor found at the base of the brain.


The worse news was that there was little medicine could do for Edi. The tumor's positioning made it inoperable, and the high doses of chemotherapy required to destroy the tumor would poison her tiny body.

The British family raised close to $900.000 to take their daughter to Mexico so she could participate in an innovative treatment consisting of intra-arterial chemotherapy and immunotherapy at Mexico's The Instituto de Oncologia Intervencionista clinic in Monterrey.

Edi seemed to be responding well to the treatment, and her parents reported that the tumor was shrinking. Just as hope was flowering in their hearts, her parents suffered the harshest blow: Edi passed away in their arms.

The family will hold a memorial service in Mexico before bringing their little girl home to the United Kingdom.

They hope that Edi's story will raise awareness and bring to the public's awareness the 20 and 30 children a year that get the same type of cancer which Edie had, 

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Edi's death was unavoidable. No-one could have known or prevented the cancer that attacked her, but one father is mourning the tragic death of his baby girl from the Herpes virus.

Jeff Gober from Arizona had just welcomed his baby into this world when she succumbed at just 3 weeks to something that everyone takes for granted: the supposedly harmless - though incurable- Herpes virus.

According to statistics released by the WHO, over 67% of the world's population is infected with Herpes. The virus usually manifests as 'cold sores' or lesions around the mouth which heal in a few days and reoccur from time to time.

This virus has proved to be deadly to newborn children, and tragically, Mallory Gober caught the disease.

Gober appeals to parents to be alert to people touching or kissing their children, he explained that though no-one with a manifest cold sore touched his daughter, many of the people infected are symptomless. "Wash your hands," he extolls parents and anyone who contacts newborns,

"To make things worse, many people who are infected will never show symptoms in their lifetime, and probably don't even know they have it."

For newborns, the 'harmless' Herpes virus it is more than likely fatal, as was the case for Mallory. The tragedy is that contagion could have been prevented, and Gober hopes his story will prevent other senseless deaths.

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