Prince Harry’s hilarious reaction on seeing Meghan’s lookalike is captured on camera

The Duke of Sussex didn't expect to see a Megan-lookalike while visiting Bondi Beach last week. 

The 22-year-old Danielle Bazergy, who looks like Meghan, said the couple was "humble, witty, and just grade A down-to-earth and easy-going people. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. Bazergy later posted a video online in which she said: "Prince Harry did a double take on me." It can be viewed below. 

A photo of Harry looking all surprised was later shared on Instagram with the caption: "Damn girl, you look just like my wife."

Meghan reportedly said: Wow, who left this mirror here on the beach."

According to Bazergy, a strange guy went up to her when she was sixteen and said she looks just like Rachel from "Suits."

Source: Instagram/daniellebazergy

Source: Instagram/daniellebazergy

Rachel is Markle's character. She gave life to the paralegal for years before quitting the film industry to meet her Prince.

People still remark that she looks like the Meghan and Bazergy says she just "laughs at her single self" and explain that she's still waiting for her prince. 

Source: Instagram/daniellebazergy

Source: Instagram/daniellebazergy

Bazergy was "incredibly humbled" to have met the royal couple and added: 

"Not going to lie, [it was] very exhilarating when Harry did a double take on me - I was actually the first in the crowd that they came and started chatting to."

Bazergy is a fitness instructor based in Sydney, Australia, and has earned a quick buck or two before for impersonating the duchess. 

She modeled a replica's of Meghan's dress for a photo shoot, but said most of the jobs were just "small skits."

When asked what it was like, Bazergy said: "I still feel like me, but people are just nicer."

The resemblance really is uncanny, and Bazergy was once mistaken for the Duchess 23 times on one night. She told The Sun: 

"Briefly meeting [Meghan] last week was inspiring, and I really do hope to be given the opportunity to meet her again to talk to her about how I want to make my own difference in this world!"

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