Missouri mum shares images of her dead son to show doctors he’s ‘real'

Sharan Sutherland, a mother-of-11 from Fair Grove, Missouri, was devasted when she lost her baby 14 weeks into her pregnancy. 

What hurt even more, was that doctors referred to her son a medical waste. In their eyes, he was a fetus, not a baby. 

So Sutherland shared heartbreakingly beautiful photos of her son to show doctors – and other mothers who might consider aborting a pregnancy – that her son was real. 

Her son, named Miran, was tenderly buried in a flowerpot on her porch. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. 

Because Miran could not legally be classified as a baby until 20 weeks old, Sutherland and her husband were allowed to take him home to bury him how they wished.

Sutherland said in an interview that she was amazed at how perfectly formed Miran was. His ears, tongue, gum, and lips were perfect. She added: 

"You have those baby books that show you diagrams of a baby in utero, but he didn't look like anything I had ever seen. I was just filled with such awe and amazement with him. He just needed to continue maturing and growing and developing. It blew me away. It was an incredible feeling. It's really hard to describe."

She added that the "world had done a great job at dehumanizing unborn babies" citing the "abortion industry" as the main culprit. 

When doctors suggested that Sutherland undergo a dilation and curettage procedure after Miran's heart stopped beating, she refused. 

She was upset that doctor referred to Miran as a fetus and as medical waste, adding: "I couldn't believe she would insinuate he was medical waste. I was so angered by that."

She Miran in a saline solution in the fridge for a few days before they found the perfect spot to for the burial. 

Even though people might think it extreme or morbid, it gave Sutherland and her husband time to grieve for their loss. She explained: 

"When it came time to bury him, that was hard. I wanted to dig him back up. I wanted to just keep him in my fridge. I didn't care if people thought it was morbid – I wanted to keep him there forever."

The photos may be disturbing to some readers, but those who would like to meet Miran can follow this link to the photos on Sutherland's Facebook page and here

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