Mother-of-three forced to shoot home invader to protect her children

A South Carolina mother was forced to shoot a home invader in order to protect her three children and claims that she would have killed him if she had to.

The incident took place on Thursday, November 1, 2018, in Anderson County, and gave Ashley Jones, the mother, the scare of her life.

As reported by FOX Carolina, it was early in the morning when Jones heard someone banging at her door, desperately trying to get in.

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According to Jones, she peered out the window and saw a large man with a hat violently hitting her door. Scared, she called 911 and ran up the stairs.

She dashed towards her bedroom and grabbed her handgun, which she used to threaten the man, stating that she would shoot him if he didn't step away from her house.


The man, who has been identified by the Anderson County Sheriff's Office as 42-year-old Cecil Charles Parnell, ignored her and, at one point, kicked the door in.

When he tried to walk in, Jones shot him in the arm, which caused him to flee the scene. The whole incident was caught by the CCTV system installed, revealing that he wasn't alone.

Parnell was later arrested along with his female companion, whose identity is yet to be shared. He was charged with first-degree burglary and was sent to Anderson County Detention Center. As for the woman, she wasn't charged with any crime and was released shortly after.


Jones was able to defend herself and her children, but the same can't be said for Porsha Owens, a mother-of-three from St. Louis who was killed by an 18-year-old assailant named Mark Haywood in front of her house.

She was on her way to drop her children at the daycare when she was held at gunpoint by the masked criminal. She handed Haywood her car keys and purse, after which he fatally shot her.

It seems that Haywood tried to steal the vehicle but fled the scene after the car didn't start. He was later captured and charged with murder, leaving three children without a mother.

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