Couple's grocery store wedding photos on Thanksgiving still melt hearts

Claudine Varela
Nov 13, 2018
03:25 A.M.

A couple decided to wed at a grocery store and there's a lovely reason why.


Most weddings occur in beautiful locations and destinations. But for one special couple, their ideal wedding took place at their local supermarket.

Charles Larry Tinson and his wife Mary Tinson surprised the world by tying the knot on Thanksgiving at the grocery store, Harvey's. Before you judge their choice of venue, there’s a story behind it that explains why.



Charles has had a crush on Mary in the distant past. Four years ago, they bumped into each other at Thanksgiving at Harvey’s in Albany. Charles, who just came from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, recalled browsing through the aisles of the grocery and spotting a familiar face. “Hey girl,” he called out to Mary. Upon seeing Charles, Mary exclaimed,

“Oh my God, Larry? I haven’t seen you in over twenty-something years.”


That encounter spawned a connection that would later lead to their wedding. And because Harvey’s was instrumental to their reunion, they thought it best to tie the knot there on the same holiday they reconnected. The employees of the supermarket obliged when they requested to hold their Thanksgiving wedding there. There was live music and a wedding cake topped with cranberries.


Harvey’s vice president, Ken Wicker was happy to be hosting the wedding at their store. He told WALB-TV,

"We are extremely excited to be part of this special day. To our knowledge this is the first time we've ever had a real wedding in one of our supermarkets."


As unusual as their wedding venue may be, this isn’t the first time a couple wed at a retail establishment. In 2010 Josh and Ting Li decided to get married at an Apple store where they met while waiting in line for their iPhones. They married on Valentine’s Day surrounded by 30 guests in one of the digital company’s 5th Avenue branch. Their priest was even made to dress as Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs. A quote from Jobs was also used when they exchanged vows.



But nothing could be more memorable than a daughter tying the knot at the hospital because she wanted her ill father to be a part of it. Vieneese Rolan did everything in her power to move her wedding date sooner and stage it at the hospital where her father, Preston Rolan was confined. She learned he was dying and wanted him to witness her wedding day.

Photos of videos from the memorable day went viral as it captured the sweet moment Vieneese surprised her father in her wedding dress. Preston had no clue she intended to get married at the hospital. He walked her down the hospital corridors like a father would in church. They were surrounded by friends, family and even hospital staff who helped Vieneese with the preparations.

These stories are proof that a wedding is more than just a beautiful venue. It’s an occasion that resonates in the hearts of the people involved.

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