Adorable cats fail to enter Japanese art museum for more than two years

Two cats in Japan have become models for perseverance and determination after they continually tried to enter an art museum for more than two years without success.

The language of art is spoken by people from all parts of the world, but apparently, cats are in on it as well.

Two feline art lovers have been trying to get into a Japanese museum for years but regardless of their persistence, have been denied each time.

They made headlines recently after their video went viral on Twitter, but the cats have long since been famous. According to The Dodo, it began two years ago when Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art hosted a showing called the “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition.”

A few days later, in one of the funny coincidences ever, a black cat showed up at the museum entrance, trying to make its way in. It got only as far as the sliding doors before a guard blocked its way, causing the feline to turn away.

A Twitter user captured the exchange on camera and shared it on Twitter where the kitty quickly became a sort of celebrity.    

As it turned out, the little black cat was not only forward-thinking to want to attend a cat photography exhibition, but it was also not one to give up easily.

In March 2017, the same cat, which has since been named Ken Chan (meaning black cat) returned to the museum. As usual, it was shooed away by the guard.

Not long after that, it seemed Ken had called for backup because a chubby tabby also decided it wanted to see the art museum. The newcomer, a bright orange cat, was named Go-Chan, which means “ginger cat.”

Between the two of them, they were able to keep the guards busy and become such a familiar figure at the museum entrance.

The staff of the company and members of the public now gush over the feline partners, and in the October 31 clip of yet another attempt, the guard gives Go-Chan a rub on the head before sending her on her way.

A staff member reportedly said:

"We occasionally tweet the cat snaps around the art museum that the staff shot, sometimes tea tiger and occasionally black cat have been trying to enter from the door two or three times a week.”

They are yet to set foot into the building, but these furry creatures could as well be a part of the museum. The art place’s Twitter account is filled with pictures of Ken and Go, and numerous items in the gift shop carry photos of the persistent duo.

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