School teachers spark outrage after dressing up as Mexicans and MAGA border wall for Halloween

Ra'eesah Manack
Nov 07, 2018
11:06 A.M.
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This Halloween seems to be the year for questionable outfit choices. These elementary school teachers decided to join the controversy when they dressed up in Mexican and MAGA border wall costumes.


Teachers seem to be finding themselves in hot water over their very triggering costume choices far too often in recent years. First, the teacher who donned blackface to be the African-American character Lafawnduh from "Napolean Dynamite."

Now we're presented with fourteen teachers who are under investigation after their controversial costume choices. They chose to use Donald Trump's campaign and border wall idea as inspiration for their costume.


A superintendent in Idaho was forced to issue a public apology as well as place 14 employees on paid administrative leave after they were placed under investigation for their Halloween costume choices. The elementary school teachers chose to dress up as Mexicans and a border wall.

Their outfits consisted of a cardboard wall with the phrase “Make America Great Again” written boldly across it while the teachers wore outfits to represent well known American symbols such as the Statue of Liberty. The other group wore sombreros while carrying maracas and wearing fake black mustaches.


The images began circulating on social media and went viral. They resulted in a considerable backlash from parents. 

The superintendent, Dr. Josh Middleton, said that the costumes were the result of poor choices. He also said that he did not think the teachers had malicious intentions when they chose their outfits.


On Saturday morning, Middleton also announced that the employees' actions were under investigation during a special school board meeting. He also said that this type of behavior has no place in the schooling system in the Middleton School District.

“We are better than this, we embrace all students,” he said. “We have a responsibility to teach and reach all students — period.”

However, social media users felt the entire ordeal was inadequately handled and completely unacceptable. Kevin Nadal, a psychology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said in a tweet;

"The fact that these elementary school teachers thought this would be okay demonstrates how much more cultural competence training is needed in education.”