Black model dubbed as racist then fired by agency for supporting President Trump

Ra'eesah Manack
Nov 09, 2018
07:05 P.M.

Zoe Bethel, a black model, was accused of being a racist and fired from her agency after she admitted she is a Trump supporter.


On October 26, Zoe Sozo Bethel joined a large group of young black women for the Young Black Leadership Summit. The event spanned the weekend and was held at the White House.

She posted a few images from the event. One of them showed her standing with a group of people wearing hats with the words "Make America Great Again" written across the cap.

Little did she know her employer would not take kindly to the pics. On her return home, she was sent a strongly worded email that released her from her contract.



Candace Owens took to Twitter and exposed the email. The strongly worded email claimed that the company had decided Zoe could no longer represent them because her political ties did not adhere to the image they wished to portray.

The email stated that the team discussed her "political, racist connections" and decided that she was no longer an employee of the agency. It went on to say that the agency is based on "love, acceptance, and inclusivity" and that she no longer fits that brief.



Candace Owens, a fellow black conservative, tweeted out the pictures of the email with the caption,


A young woman who attended our #YBLS summit was released from her modeling contract when she got home for supporting @realDonaldTrump and this administration.

Political bias is DISCRIMINATION. I am APPALLED at this circumstance.


The tweet went viral and garnered massive support. Many conservatives were taken aback at the political discrimination shown by the agency.


"I hope so. This girl is absolutely stunning and is clearly an intelligent free-thinker. Beauty and brains... I suspect she’ll be just fine. She’s a victor, not a victim. Regardless, there should be legal recourse against this “agency” for discrimination." ~@n_sims (Nicole Sims)

Many people shared similar sentiments to Nicole Sims. Some even advised that Zoe should lawyer up and sue the agency for the blatant political discrimination.



During the weekend, Zoe met many prominent political figures. She even posted selfies with Donald Trump Jr.

She also met Candace Owens in person and posted pics of them together. On a pic outside the White House, she said the experience was one of her dreams come true.


A Denver nurse had found herself in a very similar situation when she was fired. Three days after, Lizzie Mathews discussed her support of Trump with a patient in 2016; she was fired via a phone call from her supervisor who told her the patient had complained.


She has since filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired from her former hospital for supporting President Trump in the 2016 election. The lawsuit states that this is discrimination and demands she be rehired and paid back-pay. However, the hospital firmly denies the allegations.

In another similar incident, Roseanne Barr claimed the ABC Network had fired her because of her political affiliation to President Trump.

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