Video of frustrated waiter smashing cake into rude diner’s face goes viral

Rude diners' behavior pushed their waiters too far. Eventually, the waiters had enough and their exchange and reaction to the woman created the perfect viral video.

At a Guramma Italian restaurant in Kiev, a very strange situation unfolded. Two diners got into a heated argument with their waiters.

The, now viral video, was filmed by an eyewitness. It shows how the events unfolded as the two rowdy diners ticked off their waiters.

The video starts in the middle of an argument between the two diners and their waiters. The waiter is holding a cake in his hand as he talks to the women.

One woman screams expletive-laden phrases at the waiters. In the video she says, "Why the [expletive] would I eat your cake?"

That seems to be the final straw for the waiter. He slams the cake in his hand into his face while his colleague and the other woman look on.

Both woman immediately sprung to their feet in outrage and continue to scream swear swords. The other woman throws her drink at the waiter.

In response, the other waiter grabs another cake from a nearby table and follows the example set by his colleague. He throws it at the other woman.

The video draws to  a close as the two women, who are now covered in cake, start screaming, "what the [expletive] is happening here?" They then demand to see the manager at which point the waiters step away from the table and the video ends.

The restaurant spokesperson revealed that the customers were extremely rude and provoked the waiters. They added that as a result the waiters would not be punished.


In another story, a restaurant in Odessa also chose to back up their waiter when after a run in with racist customers. The Saltgrass Steak House banned a customer after they left no tip on a $108 bill.

They decided to ban the customer after the racist message they scrawled onto their bill. The customer wrote that the reason for the non-tip was that they didn’t tip terrorists, referring to their waiter Khalil Cavil.

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