Mom gets death threats after posting a video where she's giving her toddler 'wine'

Rebelander Basilan
Nov 09, 2018
07:01 P.M.

A mother, who stayed anonymous, said she received death threats after a video of her offering "wine" to a young girl has gone viral.


Believed to have been shot in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in July of this current year, the video shows a woman sitting on a chair and giving a toddler a bottle of what seems to be wine.

The infant, who looks no older than three, then snatches it with both hands and promptly drinks.

In the disturbing clip, the mother can be seen grinning as she takes back the bottle from the little girl.

Source: YouTube/Star News

Source: YouTube/Star News

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Looking dazed, the child stands around mopping her mouth with her hand towards the end of the six-second video.


The horrifying footage, which was initially posted on Snapchat, has now been viewed over 700,000 times on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the woman was strongly criticized with calls for her to be jailed. A lot of netizens have slammed her with one writing, "Dirty evil scumbag [Expletive]!!!"

Source: YouTube/Star News

Source: YouTube/Star News

"Child abuse no other word for it I hope they find her and put the kids some where safe away that vile vile woman," another added.

Other people questioned the ethics of whether the person filming should have stopped the occurrence instead of capturing it on camera.

One user asked, "Why the [Expletive] you sat there video this allowing her to give a child alcohol knock me sick."

Source: YouTube/Star News

Source: YouTube/Star News

"This is totally disgusting behaviour but what gets me most is the fact your sat there filming it!!!" added another. "That makes you just as bad for sitting there filming and allowing such disgusting behaviour to happen."

As reported by The Sun, the mother in the video has now come forward to slam the online criticism.

"The video was put on Facebook. Now I'm getting death threats. I'm scared to walk out of my [Expletive] door," she told the news outlet.


"I'm fearing for my children's life. I want them to take the post down," she added. "It was a joke. It wasn't wine. I'm not telling you what it was. That's it."

The person - who shared the video on Facebook - seemed rebellious to feedback, expressing, "Im done with the system and this planet. If you think im the one in the wrong you are the [Expletive] problem!"

According to a spokeswoman for Police Scotland, they are not currently investigating.

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