This elephant approached humans to "ask" for help after being shot in the head by a poacher

Mary Scott
Nov 12, 2018
06:33 P.M.

A wild elephant displayed exceptional intuition when he approached unknown humans for help. The “humans” were shocked.


The huge animal was in the jungle when he saw a team of doctors. Named Pretty Boy, he approached their vehicle without any form of aggression. For a while, the staff from Aware Trust Zimbabwe had no idea why the elephant approached them.

YouTube/Inside Edition

YouTube/Inside Edition

Feelings of concern, however, replaced apprehension when they noticed the large hole above his forehead. According to one of the doctors, Lisa Marabini:

“The elephant was is so much pain; he walked right up to doctors to ask for first aid. Named Pretty Boy, this targeted elephant was shot in the head. The elephant was then tranquilized and given an x-ray which showed a deformed bullet in his skull.”

YouTube/Inside Edition

YouTube/Inside Edition


The team quickly got to work on Pretty Boy. They sedated him, and then took an X-ray which revealed a deformed bullet lodged in his head. What came next was an intensive surgery to take it out.

Marabini said if Pretty Boy, who also had a shoulder injury, had been shot a few centimeters lower down it would have gone into his brain.

“We think he was shot outside of the park and came into the park for refuge. Hunting areas exist near the park.”

YouTube/Inside Edition

YouTube/Inside Edition

She also suggested that the animal was shot in the head first, and when he turned to flee, the poacher put a bullet in his side.

The team estimated that Pretty Boy had lived with the bullet lodged in his head for up to six weeks before they came across him.


Pretty Boy was so tired after the surgery that he was at first wobbly on his feet. Marabini thought the elephant to be about 25 years old but said he felt better since they removed the bullet. The big guy even fell asleep against a tree.

YouTube/Inside Edition

YouTube/Inside Edition

What impressed the Aware Trust team most was the way Pretty Boy approached them gently. He had never seen the set of people before, but somehow he seemed to understand that they could help him.



Another incident of elephants displaying their gentle side happened two months ago at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. An unidentified man jumped into an enclosure with three elephants- two adults and one baby.

Onlookers outside the space were scared that the annoyed elephants would hurt the man, but even though the huge animals took steps toward protecting the young one, they eventually had mercy on the man and let him go.

Read more on that and watch the chilling video here.

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