Girl, 7, has to visit the hospital after having her ears pierced, mother blasts jewellery retailer

Mary Scott
Nov 12, 2018
11:06 P.M.
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Getting ears pierced is usually an exciting experience for girls, but for one seven-year-old girl in the UK, it turned horrible very quickly.


Daily Mail reported in September that an angry mom, Suzie Nisbet, called out popular jewelry retailer Claire's Accessories after her daughter was hospitalized.


Suzie had taken seven-year-old Lily to have her ears pierced and was allegedly assured by the staff that she could safely change her earrings after just three weeks, as long as their own-brand cleaning solution was used consistently.

But that was not the case, as Suzie revealed. The back of Lily’s earring got stuck in her ear and had to be taken out with a scalpel.

Despite cleaning her daughter’s ears three times a day for a month with the cleaning lotion, Lily experienced excruciating pain in her right ear after changing her earrings.


After a nurse family-friend advised Suzie to have Lily’s ears checked, the schoolgirl was subjected to four hours on synthetic gas and air as two nurses worked to take out the earring back embedded under her skin.

Despite getting a local anesthetic, Lily was in so much pain that one nurse had to hold her down while the other worked on her infected ear.

Suzie, 39, felt helpless while her daughter went through the procedure in pain. The receptionist from Harlow slammed the jewelry retailer, saying:

“I'm really furious with Claire's Accessories. I trusted them as a global brand when they said the earrings could be changed in three weeks and then this happens. I felt so guilty as I was the one who'd taken her there to get them done. If I could have gone through it for her, I would have done.”


Suzie had taken Lily to get her ears pierced at the store earlier in August, but one week after the schoolgirl changed her earrings according to their instructions, the pains started.

Suzie realized she could not see the back of the earring and searched the house for it. She never imagined it could be embedded in her daughter’s skin because it wasn’t small.

“She was screaming every time I tried to remove it,” Suzie explained. “At this point, I didn't realize the back was still in there. I thought the lump was an infection.”

The furious mom vowed never to set foot in Claire’s Accessories again and is urging the global chain not to encourage customers to change lobe piercings in just three weeks.



Lily, obviously traumatized from the experience, also said she’s not getting piercings again anytime soon. “I will leave getting my ears pierced until I'm older,” she declared.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Claire's Accessories insisted:

“The rapid aftercare lotion is dermatologist and pediatrician tested for the effective care of the pierced ear. Three weeks of use is an appropriate and approved length of time.”

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