Tina Knowles reveals that granddaughter Blue Ivy 'has been performing since birth' 

Tina Knowles reveals interesting facts about her granddaughter, Blue Ivy in her latest magazine interview. The proud mother says the 6-year-old is so talented she's "been performing since birth."

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy has superstar genes running through her blood. So it’s not surprising that her grandmother, Tina Knowles would say that the 6-year-old “has been performing since birth.”

Knowles revealed how talented her granddaughter is in the latest issue of US Magazine. According to Beyonce’s mother, Blue definitely has talent but is undecided on whether she’ll be pursuing her parents’ path. However, Knowles is certain the little girl is destined to be great with the amount of talent she has. 

“Whatever she wants to do, she will definitely be able to because she’s good at a lot of things."


Fans were treated to a sample of Blue’s craft when she appeared in her mother’s music video for the song, “Formation” in 2016. In her iconic cameo, Blue is featured wearing a white dress and a veil while running around with a group of girls. She emotes with a serious face all throughout.  


Blue has also been making waves due to her personality. She famously reprimanded her parents while watching the Grammys earlier this year. With a simple hand gesture, she ordered them to stop clapping while Camilla Cabello was giving a moving speech. 

The little girl also scolded her grandmother for taking a video inside the theater while watching a ballet in Paris.  



But Blue isn’t as serious as these stories peg her to be. She could also be quite the prankster. She surprised her grandmother at breakfast with “hands and eggs” instead of ham and eggs. Blue inserted hands of dolls in her grandmother’s omelet prompting her doting grandmother to post the video revealing her amusement. 

It's too early to tell whether Blue will be carving the same path as her parents but her grandmother knows too well that she can charm her way to anything. 

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