Tammy Rivera shares new photo of teen daughter in cheerleader uniform, showing their resemblance

Tammy Rivera shares a photo of her teenage daughter sporting her school's cheerleading uniform, showing off their strong resemblance. 

"Love and Hip Hop" star Tammy Rivera proudly shared a photo of her daughter wearing her cheerleading uniform, and people have decided to point out just how similar the two of them look, even calling her daughter her twin. 

It was only two months ago when the mother was dragged by fans over her daughter Charlie's clothes, saying they are way too revealing for a teenager. In the photo that garnered some negative attention, Charlie sported a rainbow crop top, cargo pants, and sneakers that had rainbows. Her post, which she did for national daughter day, was soon flooded by comments saying that a young lady, particularly a 13-year-old, should not be dressing like that. 

“Exactly …. theirs a age to be sexy and a age to be innocent . 13 you just wearing a bra . Why you have to show skin ? You’re a Baby"

"I think Tammy is so sweet but I dont agree here my daughter is 22 and I still tell her to watch what she puts out here for these guys you never know what people are thinking when they are looking at your baby girl and I say that with love.”

“How old is she wearing a crop top. My mom would never…”

However, now that she showed off her daughter's cheerleading uniform, fans had nothing but praise for the young lady, who seems to be growing more and more like her famous mother as months pass by. 

The doting mom announced that her daughter is now a cheerleader and that she will definitely show her full-on support for when her daughter has her first away game soon. 

Of course, fans made sure to flock the comment section, but this time with comments of how the two look alike and how their kids grow so fast. 

"@kpage1983: Damn Tammy that's your twin"

"@kenneday6: Too young for all that damn weave but cute"

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