Magnificent hotel where you can celebrate Christmas all year long

There is a luxurious resort in Tennessee that celebrates the spirit of the holiday season throughout the year.

According to a report by People, The Inn at Christmas Place located at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a hotel that celebrates Christmas every day of the year.

The famous resort, located near country icon Dolly Parton’s popular amusement park, Dollywood, is decked out for holidays all year long.

Starting right from the hotel lobby, it features a full-sized Christmas tree, garlands with lights, and a Glockenspiel that plays carols two times each day.

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On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights, the hotel has arranged for a singing Santa, who entertains the guests. The Santa will also read to the children on Mondays and Fridays.

Every room and suites inside the resort celebrate the Christmas spirit with festive decorations including wreaths, red velvet bedding, and reindeer sculptures. The resort also provides their custom-made, soft and comfy “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” mattress sets.

There are also special Santa Suite, which the guests can book for themselves, and it contains a tribute to St. Nick all around the room. It features wreaths, trees, and a fireplace. Surprisingly, guest staying in this suite will also get a special present from Santa.

According to the official website of The Inn at Christmas Place, the hotel encourages its guests to celebrate the spirit of Christmas year-round.

‘What about watching your favorite Christmas movies every year or singing carols to get in the Christmas spirit? Christmas can be defined through family, love, generosity, warmth, hope, excitement, and so much more,’ the website states.

While speaking exclusively to People, the hotel owners announced that they had no plans of moving away from their round-the-year-Christmas identity.

They told the online source, “We had no idea our guests would be interested in celebrating Christmas with us year round. The truth is, because Christmas encompasses so many things for so many different people, it doesn’t matter when you celebrate Christmas because for the past 11 years we have been Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas Every Day of the Year!”

However, the hotel is not the only place in the world that is dedicated to upholding the Christmas spirit throughout the year.

From Alaska to Pennsylvania, there are six other places, where one may celebrate the festivities each day of the year.

These places provide a perfect destination for people who enjoy celebrating Christmas early on, which has shown to have amazing positive advantages.

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