UPS driver snaps viral photo of boy playing in leaf pile, urging drivers to be very careful

A concerned UPS driver shares a photo that sheds light on the dangers of distracted driving when kids are playing on the street. 

Jordan Weaver is a UPS driver who saw a possible danger on the road while on the job delivering packages.  He spotted a glimpse of a young boy hiding in a leaf pile at the side of the road. Realizing the danger the boy posed if a driver of a vehicle failed to see him, Weaver took a photo so it could serve as a reminder for drivers to be cautious.

“I couldn’t believe it at first – my heart completely stopped,” Weaver said. 

“Luckily, I parked across the street from the stop, so I didn’t see the child until after I made the delivery. I immediately grabbed my phone and went and asked the mother if I could take a picture.”


This isn’t the first time Weaver saw a potential danger on the road. In fact, he says he witnesses them “countless times a day.” Weaver cites distracted driving as the most common threat to safety. 

“You see so many people on their phones not paying attention to the roads around them, especially in neighborhoods like this.”


While Weaver’s photo serves as a reminder to drivers, it should also be a warning to parents to be more mindful of their kids playing outdoors. Dayana Botella, a woman who saw the photo on Facebook realizes this too. 

“He could have died. I said ‘Oh my goodness, I have to be even more careful in paying attention to our kids.’”

Ultimately, Weaver believes people have to keep their eyes open and be aware at all times.

“You have to pay attention to everything around you constantly.”


Unfortunately, not all parents and caretakers keep a watchful eye on their children. In Eatontown, a baby boy managed to crawl out of his home towards the middle of the road without the knowledge of his parents. Fortunately, a man who was driving on the road saw the baby and stopped to pick him up. He later learned the baby was under the care of an older sibling who didn’t see him exiting their home. The parents were unaware of what happened until the baby was returned to them later. 

Here’s hoping these viral stories would encourage people to be more careful. Lucky for the parents of these children, they were unharmed. Thanks to the cautiousness of the drivers who saw them. 

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