Man sitting in a pub suddenly sees stranger near his baby’s cot through a security app on his phone

Edduin Carvajal
Nov 16, 2018
10:41 A.M.

Oliver Wallace, an HR consultant from Westhall Road in Warlingham, UK, released the video of the moment a burglar slowly crawled into the bedroom of his two-year-old son.


In the clip, a woman with her face and most of her body covered was spotted crawling her way into toddler's bedroom. When she noticed there was nobody around, she stood up and started looking for whatever valuable object to steal.

Once the burglar finished, she crawled out again. According to Wallace, they stole jewelry that belonged to his wife’s mother, who sadly passed away in a car crash in 2011.

Source: YouTube/World Today

Source: YouTube/World Today


One of the most striking aspects of it was that Wallace saw the robbery live on his phone. He revealed that he was on his way to the house when he contacted his brother to see if he wanted to meet for a drink. The man accepted, and they went to a pub in Stockwell.

Source: YouTube/World Today

Source: YouTube/World Today


Wallace’s family had left for Florida the morning of the crime, so the house was empty. While at the bar, Wallace noticed that his phone bleeped saying that there was “motion in the room.” Even though he usually ignores such notifications, he didn’t do it this time.

Source: YouTube/World Today

Source: YouTube/World Today


Most of the times, that “motion” is created by a member of his family. He remembered that nobody was supposed to be there, so he looked at it and saw the burglars committing the crime. He called the police and told them what was happening, but they have not identified the burglars so far.

Source: YouTube/World Today

Source: YouTube/World Today


The Surrey Police office is trying to get as much information as possible from witnesses. They claim that the thieves gained access via an “insecure patio door."


"One offender can be clearly seen in the footage, and is described as female, white with long blonde hair, wearing a hooded top and jogging bottoms,” said a spokesman for Surrey Police, who urged people to contact them if they heard anything suspicious on the day of the crime (November 7).


Given the fact that such crimes are very common, people have taken different alternatives to avoid being robbed. Clem Ho, a tech-savvy homeowner, installed a security system in his house that prevented what could have been a very negative situation.


While going about his day, his doorbell camera alerted him through his cellphone of a possible intruder in his home. Ho saw them using tools to pry open the door. With his adrenaline running, his first thought was to use his equipment’s microphone and yell “get away from the door!”

The moment the burglars heard Ho’s voice, they had successfully opened the door. But knowing they were caught, they immediately fled the scene. The investigation revealed one of the men who attempted to break in was someone they knew.

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