How a 'code word' saved an 11-year-old girl from being kidnapped

An 11-year-old girl from Arizona avoided a possible kidnapping after applying a strategy her mother had taught her; she asked the criminal their family “password.”

According to Fox News, the 11-year-old girl was with a friend walking near a park in North Pecan Creek when a man parked next to them. The stranger told her that her brothers were involved in a serious accident.

He told her to get in the truck with him so he could take her to where her brothers were. However, the girl didn’t trust him right away and asked him to provide the “password.”

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay


Of course, the criminal didn’t know it, so he drove off. Brenda James, the mother of the brave girl, revealed that they had created a password that saved her daughter from being kidnapped and God knows what else.

James revealed that she never really thought that her daughter would be in a situation wherein she needed to use the strategy, but that she was glad they created it as things could have ended up in very differently.

Source: YouTube/WTHR

Source: YouTube/WTHR


Other children in the neighborhood said that the truck, which is thought to be a white Ford Explorer, circled the park several times before parking next to the girls. The driver covered most of his face while talking to the girl, hiding his identity.

Mark Lamb, the county sheriff, applauded the girl's parents for talking their children about how dangerous strangers can be. “We hope by putting this out, it will encourage parents to have that conversation and create a plan with their children, so they know what to do if they are in that situation,” added Lamb.


Unfortunately, kidnappings are getting more common over the years, which is why teaching children about how to prevent them is crucial. Unfortunately, Hania Noelia Aguilar was kidnapped from a Rosewood mobile home park in Lumberton.

According to the girl’s family, she was in front of her house getting ready to go to the bus stop when she was shoved into a green 2002 Ford Expedition with a South Carolina license.


So far, those involved in the investigation are the FBI, the State Bureau of Investigation, and the Robeson County Sheriff’s Department. They are searching the North Carolina city along I-95 near the South Carolina border.

The Lumberton Police Department has set up a special tip line to call with information to find Aguilar. Anyone who knows anything about the case was asked to call 910-272-5871.

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