Serena Williams melts hearts with photo of baby Olympia in red jacket, 'checking' shots in camera

Serena Williams might be a 23-time Grand Slam champion and a four-time Olympic gold medalist, but she recently revealed that her greatest achievement will forever be her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. She shared this fact on Instagram when she posted a photo of the little girl looking at photos on a professional camera during one of their many mother-and-daughter photoshoots. 

Serena Williams truly has it all - a successful career, a blossoming business, good friends, a loving husband, and a sweet and adorable child. More than anything that life has to offer, be it fame, or all her accomplishments as an athlete, there's one thing that stands out for the tennis champion, and that is being a mother to her daughter. 

Due to the heavy media scrutiny that Serena Williams gets, her struggles when trying to conceive Olympia has been no secret to the internet. In fact, almost all of her major motherhood decisions have been publicized, including her decision to stop breastfeeding her daughter, which got her very emotional. 

While she wanted to continue breastfeeding, it was something that was taking a toll on her weight, which would eventually make it hard for her to stay physically active, which is important not only for her career but for the way she can get to care for her daughter in the long run. 

“I cried a little bit. Not as much as I thought I would. And she was fine. She was totally fine. It was the strangest thing, and I just learned from that experience, every physical body is different. After that, I literally lost 10 pounds in a week.”

Now that her daughter is growing up to be such a sweet and intelligent little girl, the doting mother once again caught a precious moment on camera, and that was her daughter intently looking at the photos they took during one of their recent photoshoots. 

In the photo's caption, the mother wrote:

"5 mins with @olympiaohanian is worth more than any achievement I have ever had. This was Behind the scene of our last @serenashoot. She is something."

Clearly, Serena's motherhood journey might have been challenging thus far, but it has all been worth it for her, as she says that even just five precious minutes with her little girl has been worth more than any title she's ever had to work hard for and that in itself is the beauty of a mother's love. 

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