February 01, 2019

Photos prove that Prince Harry with a beard is just a young Prince Charles look-alike

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Photos have surfaced of Prince Charles sporting a beard, and people now realize how much Prince Harry resembles her father.

One archive photograph shows a younger Prince Charles, in his twenties, riding a horse, as reported by Express UK.

The Prince of Wales, with his slightly rugged appearance, looks almost identical with his son. They appear to have similar facial structure, both having square jaws and piercing eyes. In the candid image, Charles also has a slightly reddened complexion akin to Harry, who is the youngest of his two sons.

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Source: Getty Images


Harry may have also taken inspiration from his father’s taste in fashion during the latter’s younger days. In the photo, Prince Charles wears a blazer and a hat with traditional British designs. These are also clothing pieces that Harry is often seen in public wearing.


What makes Harry different from his father, though, is his famous flame-red hair.

Source: Getty Images

The 34-year-old royal, also known as the Duke of Sussex, has charmed his fans partly because of his ginger facial hair. It came to be associated with his charismatic and masculine personality.


His beard is so significant to Harry’s identity that he asked for a special permission from the Queen not to shave it off for the Royal Wedding. He was granted the permission, which was a break from the Army traditions.

Source: Wikipedia


Harry tied the knot with American actress Meghan Markle in a star-studded ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on May 16, 2018.


The couple, who live at Nottingham Cottage in London, in the grounds of Kensington Palace, are expecting their first child in 2019.

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Prince Charles earlier expressed concern about the future of children, including his grandchild-to-be from Prince Harry and Meghan.

During his royal visit to Ghana, Prince Charles talked about plastic pollution, explaining how the callous use of plastics is destroying the world.

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“It does seem to me insanity if we are going to bequeath this completely polluted, damaged and destroyed world to them,” he said. “All grandchildren deserve a better future.”