Mother devastated after baby's ashes is thrown in the garbage by local charity

Pedro Marrero
Nov 19, 2018
12:21 P.M.
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Sophie Bampton fled her home because of violent threats she received from her ex-partner, but when she returned to pick up her belongings she found that her son's ashes were no longer there.


Sophie Bampton left her apartment at Kathleen Rice Close in the eastern swamp of Grimsby because of threats from her former partner.

Upon returning home to collect her belongings she found that the charity Doorstep emptied the house and dumped everything, including the urn with the ashes of her son.

Sophie had a miscarriage and decided to do a funeral service and place the ashes of her son in a small urn. She, who is also the mother of a 4-year-old girl and is pregnant with twins, says that she felt her son nearby thanks to the urn.


Since the death of her baby, the charity for the homeless has provided counseling and furniture. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.


Doorstep provides practical and emotional support in relation to independent living skills, as well as finances, health and well-being, social and community networks, education and training, and parenting skills.

Sophie says: "When I signed the lease form to return the apartment, there was no date as to when it would be cleaned and no one contacted me to ask about the things that were left in. They were simply bagged and discarded."


She states that Doorstep organized the clearance without checking with her. The devastated woman said she still has some hope that the urn has been recovered on the road or in the place where they were thrown away.

Sophie, a former pupil of Birkbeck School, North Somercotes, said: "I'm not looking for any of this from Doorstep, I just do not want it to happen again, they need to recognize what happened and learn from it."

During an interview, she added that they need to have a policy in place that establishes that the people’s belongings will only be moved after a specific number of days and be stored.

"The information must be given to the person who lived there and must be clearly communicated." Said Sophie.


For its part, Doorstep's senior manager, Julie Walmsley, confirmed that an investigation is underway into the procedure carried out by the charity. But no complaint has been filed with Doorstep.

An equally sad case happened to a Florida mother who, in the middle of a move, left some boxes and belongings outside her house to go get a truck.


When he returned everything was gone, but the worst was that among the belongings they took a teddy bear that contained the ashes of his daughter. The devastated mother did not want to press charges only to recover her little girl.

Another similar case happened to an Alabama mother who took to Facebook to ask for help finding a very special necklace containing the ashes of her daughter. It has been stolen from her after her home was burglarized.

Her bedroom window was open and as soon as she walked in, she saw the mess that the burglar had left. Her whole house was upside down, with empty drawers lying on the floor and their contents scattered everywhere. But the necklace was the only thing on the mother’s mind.