Black woman comes to the rescue after man spits in white woman's face in viral video

Edduin Carvajal
Nov 16, 2018
02:20 P.M.

An unidentified black woman was considered a “Shero” after she intervened in the heated argument that a white woman had with a man, who spat on her face.


In the short video that Barstool Sports uploaded to its Twitter account, a white man wearing a football jersey and a cap was standing in front of a white lady. The woman was talking when the man suddenly spat on her face.

The woman quickly reacted by slapping him in the face, but that was not the fact that attracted more attention. A black woman, who initially was not in the camera’s sight, pushed the man away right after the white lady slapped him.

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports


Soon later, she yelled at him letting him know that he should respect women. At the moment, the clip has been reproduced more than 13 million times, and people have shared their thoughts on it.

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports


Most of them praised the black woman for intervening, while others just said that the man should feel ashamed for what he did. So far, it is still not known what triggered the incident or its outcome.

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports



Unfortunately, it was not the first time that a woman had to help another one who was being the victim of unfair treatment from somebody else. Another lady stepped in to defend two Spanish-speaking women while they were harassed by another shopper.

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports

Source: Twitter/BarStoolSports

The video that Bishop Talbert Swan shared on Twitter showed that a lady, Kamira Trent, was arguing with another one in the middle of a store, defending two women who were not doing anything wrong.


At some point, the “hero” was heard telling the other woman, identified as Linda Dwire, that she would call the police. “You don’t harass people … You leave these women alone. Get out. Go!” The Dwire even said that Trent didn’t understand it because she was from a different generation, saying that they would “lose this country.”


The woman ignored what the attacker was saying as she only requested her to be respectful and not to harass the Hispanic ladies. Fabiola Velasquez, one of the victims, revealed that Dwire verbally attacked them because they were not speaking English.

She added that they did call the police and arrested the aggressive lady. At the moment, the video has more than 13 million views, and several people have supported the “hero’s” intervention, saying that not all heroes wear capes.

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