Pharrell Williams sparks outrage after singing 'Happy' to Israeli soldiers at fundraiser event

Critics from all over the world are throwing shade at Pharrell Williams for performing at an annual fundraiser that shows support for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). The fundraiser is organized by the New York-based Friends of the Israel Defence Forces, who invited Pharrell to perform alongside Ziggy Marley during the gala

Performing in front of the Israeli soldiers in uniform, Pharrell Williams performed his hit songs, including "Happy", which caused outrage online due to the current war that the soldiers are involved in. Aside from Pharrell and Ziggy Marley, other stars such as Gerard Butler, Ashton Kutcher, and Fran Drescher, attended the event in Los Angeles, which raised a total of $60 million for the soldiers. 

None of the stars mentioned by The National who were at the fundraiser posted about the event on their social media accounts, but fans eventually found out about their attendance and made sure to let their feelings known. 

This show of support has been deemed unacceptable by people on social media, especially since the Israel Defence Forces are responsible for the death of thousands of Palestinians in the past seven months. People have called out the artists one by one, starting with Williams whom they called hypocritical after he previously called out President Donald Trump for playing his song "Happy" during a rally on the day of a synagogue shooting. 

Gerard Butler got hate from fellow fans of the Scottish football club "Celtic", who has been known to be supporting Palestinian human rights and independence for years. 

Lastly, the reggae singer Ziggy Marley was also lambasted by fans, who claim that he disrespected his father's legacy by attending the event. A disappointed fan named Kays Al Rayes even pointed out that his father, Bob Marley, fought against apartheid while he attended a gala that supports it. 

While this seems to be the case, Marley said that he wants to live in a world full of peace and love, regardless of religion and cultural differences. 

“What I am trying to get across is that as a humanity, we want to live in peace and love no matter what religion you are. But we have to go and make the world and leaders know that. Only the willing will achieve their dreams.”

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