Elderly woman who accidentally killed a 6-year-old girl dies: 'I can't live anymore'

Nov 19, 2018
06:42 P.M.
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Miriam Grace Paton, 85, refused to receive treatment and had given up on life after accidentally killing a six-year-old girl in a car incident.


Paton was driving her car when she stuck the little girl in Queensland. Following the incident, her health depreciated quickly.

Right before her passing, she said to her husband as she laid on the hospital bed, "I killed a child and I don't want to live anymore.”


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Former teacher Paton was reportedly reversing her silver hatchback when she ran over little Indie Armstrong at the Nambour Mill Village Shopping Center car park in the Sunshine Coast on June 17, 2018.

At the time, Indie stood at the pedestrian lane crossing with her mother Emily Armstrong, grandmother Sandy Bampton, and Indie’s eight-year-old sister.


Both Bampton and the eight-year-old were also harmed during the accident.

Paton was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend a couple of court dates because of her health.

Two days after the incident, she was rushed to the hospital due to a spinal injury, and later on, she was told that she had developed pneumonia.


Peter Boyce, Paton’s solicitor, said that the elderly woman had been in and out of the hospital since the tragic incident.

Speaking with ABC, Boyce recalled Paton saying to her husband how she didn’t want to live anymore after ending the life of an innocent child.

Paton also reportedly decided to stop receiving treatment. She had simply given up on life.

"The pain and anguish seen on her face when we talked briefly about this matter is something I'll never forget,” said Boyce.


Paton, who did not have any children, spent the majority of her adult life teaching. Boyce claimed that she always “put in the extra yard to help children.”

"It's a tragic outcome, not only for Miriam and for her family, but for Indie's family who are still suffering and grieving," shared Boyce.

As for Paton’s husband, the solicitor said, Stuart Paton, 90, was having a rough time accepting his wife’s death.

Still, Boyce noted that Paton “wouldn't want her death to overshadow the fact of the remorse she felt."


Following Indie’s death, many Sunshine Coast locals went out of their way to pay respects for the child. Hundreds of people came to her funeral service in July to say goodbye to the young girl.

A candlelight vigil was also organized for her, and more than $10,000 were raised for Indie’s family.

Meanwhile, Christopher Watts recently pleaded guilty for ending the life of his pregnant wife and two young children.

His parents claimed that he was forced to make the plea by his lawyers to save him from the death penalty, but they insisted the public attorneys didn’t care for their son’s best interest.