Man writes a letter to his wife demanding a divorce

Pedro Marrero
Nov 20, 2018
07:31 P.M.
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A man chose to sever ties with his better half by asking her a divorce while confessing his unfaithfulness to her. The lady's reaction is something he could never have anticipated.


The man and the woman were married for a long time before he moved to West Virginia with her sister. He thought he was teaching his wife a lesson, only to discover that actually, the joke was on him.

A while later the man sent a letter to his 'Dear wife' writing that he was leaving her for good. He asserted to be a decent spouse for a long time yet he didn't think he was getting the same love from her of late.

Over the last two weeks, he had cooked her most loved dinner, wore a fresh out of the box new match of silk boxers, and even changed his haircut, in any case, she had not noticed any of it.


She simply had her supper peacefully, watched the soap opera’s on TV, and called it a night. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

In addition to that, the woman’s boss had called him before in the day to reveal to him that she had quit her job. Be that as it may, she had not talked about her choice to him.

The husband was left with the feeling that there was no connection between him and his wife that could hold them together anymore. The first thing that came to his mind was that she was cheating on him. He was sure she did not love him.


The man felt that there was nothing that associated them as a couple any longer. He presumed that she was either undermining him or that she didn't love him.

To further surprise the woman, he went on to reveal that he was moving away with her sister Carla to West Virginia. He signed the letter as the woman’s ‘ex-husband.’

After receiving this letter from her husband, the lady took to compose a reply that clarified her side of the story. She wrote that nothing filled her heart with joy more than getting that letter from her ex.


She said that her significant other had changed throughout the years. She uncovered that she gave all her attention to the soap operas in the TV since she would not like to hear his non-stop whimpering.

She wrote that she noticed his haircut, yet kept silence since she thought he looked like a girl.

She also explained that the dinner he cooked was not her most loved but rather her sister's. She had stopped eating pork around seven years prior.

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Moreover, she saw the silk boxers with the $49.99 sticker price still on them. Her doubts were affirmed that day since her sister had acquired $50 from her that morning.

However, she was prepared to forgive him for all that he did, as she felt they could work it out, given she still loved him.

Thus, she quit her job that day and purchased two tickets to Jamaica after she had won a lottery for $10 million.

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When she returned home, he was not there anymore. Resigned, she wrote, 'Everything happens for a reason, I figure.' She wished he had a satisfying existence with her sister.

She additionally uncovered that as indicated by her attorney, the letter he wrote would guarantee he doesn't get any money from her. She closed down saying, 'Your Ex, Rich as Hell and Free!'

This was not all. She mentioned to him that her sister Carla was born Carl and she hoped it was not an issue for him.