Mom loses custody of son, 13, with cancer after she tried to stop him from getting chemotherapy

Pedro Marrero
Nov 22, 2018
12:57 A.M.
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A mother is desperate to regain custody of her son after she lost it because she decided that the boy would start taking alternative treatments to cancer he suffers instead of the chemotherapy that the doctors recommended.


Nicholas Gundersen was diagnosed with a rare type of very aggressive leukemia in June of this year, and received the chemotherapy treatment he required until his body was cleared of cancer cells and doctors put him in remission.

However, the doctors say that the type of leukemia that Nicholas suffers is quite deadly and it would be necessary for the child to receive the chemotherapy treatment for three more years, until they can be sure that the disease will not return.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the mother alleges that her son lost more than 20 percent of his body weight during the months he was in treatment and his health deteriorated greatly; the boy even stopped breathing several times due to the effects of chemotherapy.


Candance, Nicholas's mother, is a holistic and wellness coach and believes that what her son needs now is a less toxic therapy than conventional treatment. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

"I do not have cancer, so there is no need for chemotherapy, it's causing me a lot of stress and I can’t deal with it anymore," said Nicholas

For that reason, she refused to allow the boy to continue receiving the treatment recommended by the doctors and took him to Florida, to begin with an alternative treatment based on a healthy diet, fruit juices, and different supplements.

Source: Facebook/candace.gundersen


From that decision on, the authorities considered that the best thing for Nicholas's health was to follow the conventional treatment. So, in early September, the child was removed from his home and taken to NYU Winthrop where he spent a month.


After this, the mother continued to refuse to let her son receive chemotherapy any longer and Suffolk County CPS took custody of the boy and placed him in the care of a family friend called Sarah Murphy, leaving Candace aside.

Now, the mother has lost all power of decision regarding the health of her son. 'The thing that concerns me is how is this impacting him because when they take me out of the equation ... it's devastating to Nicholas,' she said.


As for Nicholas's opinion, he is quite in agreement with his mother. 'I do not have cancer, so there is no need for chemotherapy,' he says. 'It's causing me a lot of stress and I can’t deal with it anymore.'


This case is really hard to believe because it is so special, like this news about a very curious crime in which three members of a family conspired to end the life of a cancer patient.

The story of Nicholas leads us to reflect on how difficult it is to cope with cancer treatment, especially at such a young age. Children in this situation should receive the greatest possible support from their caregivers.

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