Blind woman cries after being denied access to a cafe over 'hygienic reasons' due to her dog

A blind woman turned to social media to publicly denounce that a food service store had denied her to entry inside due to her assistance dog.

The young Lauren Monument, 25 years old, is outraged after visiting the Weston-super-Mare with her two nephews and her husband on Sunday because they were refused entry to an establishment where they wanted to eat, drink, and take a break.

The Weston Beach Cafe employees explained to Lauren that the establishment had a strict policy regarding the access of dogs to the internal part of the premises. However, an assistance dog can’t be classified as any common dog.

In Lauren's Facebook post, she tells that she tried to explain to the staff about the rights she had with her dog, but none of them wanted to listen to her and they claimed that the dog could not enter because of hygiene issues.

However, the law provides that such an excuse is not a valid reason for denying someone entry to an establishment. For this reason, Lauren felt compelled to share her story through social media, and asks her followers not to go to that Cafe.

The 8-year-old nephew of Lauren felt equally indignant that his aunt could not enter. 'It's not fair,' he said and asked if it would be a good idea to go and look for the police but she wanted to leave things there and not involve the authorities.

On the other hand, the employees of Weston Beach Café assure that Lauren did not specify in the beginning that it was an assistance dog. If she had, they have been like that they would not have refused to let them in.

Source: Facebook/Lauren Emily

Source: Facebook/Lauren Emily

In response to Lauren post, the Weston Beach Café said that their dog policies do not forbid guide dogs. 'It is very unfortunate that the lady feels she was discriminated against. We have ALWAYS allowed guide dogs inside the cafe, even during peak season.'

Source: Facebook/Lauren Emily

Source: Facebook/Lauren Emily

This story reminds us of Laura, who was born blind, and took the stage to audition for the fourth season of “La Voz Kids España” and she conquered all hearts and ears with her powerful rendition of the song.

Judges could barely wait for Laura to finish her performance so they could run towards her to give her a hug and declare themselves to be “in love with” her.

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