Michael Jordan hands out Thanksgiving meals to families impacted by Hurricane Florence

Michael Jordan has been feeling generous in the past couple of months, as he continues to focus on giving back to the community where he grew up. Now, he handed out Thanksgiving meals to families that have been affected by Hurricane Florence. 

Michael Jordan is in a roll when it comes to charity work, as the basketball superstar previously donated $2 million dollars to Hurricane Florence recovery efforts. Raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, he decided to head back to his community and meet the people who were affected by the storm. 

According to previous reports, the 55-year-old made two stops during his humanitarian efforts. First, he gave out Thanksgiving meals at a local Lowe's, and then proceeded to a local Boys & Girls Club to provide the children with their own Air Jordans. 

While Michael could easily shell out money to donate to people, he says that it is different when you meet the people you are helping and make them realize that just like them, he is only human. 

"I can give money all day long, but at some point you want them to understand you're human."

As for the receiving end, a mother-of-four named Stephanie Parker had to go through losing her home and car, said that they are still devastated by what happened, but people who are willing to help them gladly has been a huge help. 

"At first it was really, really hard to realize that you lost everything, but people like Michael Jordan donating to the Red Cross [and Foundation For the Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response Fund] and donating to people who have gone through what we’ve gone through is an incredible blessing. We are so very, very thankful.”

While money is not a problem for Jordan, he still believes that it is important to entrust the money to the right people. That is why when he steps out and sees where it actually goes, it makes him feel good for doing the right thing. 

"It makes me feel good that I did the right thing."

At the Boys & Girls Club, Jordan enjoyed speaking and getting to know the children there, especially since he spent time there as a child. 

As for helping out his community, Michael said that anything he can do to help his fellow "Wilmingtonians", he is more than willing to do it. 

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