Mark Harmon to reportedly produce a new drama for CBS about a detective and psychologist nun

New beginnings on the horizon for NCIS star Mark Harmon and producer Ed Decter as they collaborate on a new crime drama project.

Based on author John Sandford’s best selling ‘Prey’ novels, CBS is said to bring out a new crime drama. The show will focus on Minneapolis homicide detective Lucas Davenport with his profiling partner and best friend, Elle Krueger, a psychology professor - and a nun. The two set out to rid the streets of the most dangerous criminals in Minnesota.

Mark Harmon will be an executive producer on the show and will work with Ed Decter, Howard Braunstein, and Michael Jaffe, with whom Decter had previously worked with on ‘The Client List,’ and will also be executive producers on the project.

Altogether John Sandford wrote 29 ‘Prey’ novels that sold over 30 million copies worldwide. His last ten books all reached No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list. 

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Through the years on NCIS and other shows, Mark Harmon gathered himself a loyal fan base of millions. The fame he had experienced up to now had not changed his down-to-earth ways and retained the privacy of his personal life. 

The NCIS star had often spoken about his success and his job as an actor to said:

“It’s funny, the fame and money part isn’t even in the top 10, to be honest. It’s important to have a job you like going to, for me.”

As the youngest child and only son of Tom Harmon and Elyse Knox, Mark received the National Football Foundation Award in 1973 and graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Communications in 1974. 

He dabbled in sales before finding his passion for acting and met actress and future wife Pam Dawber in the mid-1980s which he married in March 1987. The couple has two sons, Sean Thomas, and Ty Christian. 

Mark’s modest down to earth approach to life and positivity, together with his acting skills have gathered a fan base of millions, which also reflects in his net worth, estimated at a staggering $95 million.

Earlier during the year, CBS debunked rumors that Mark Harmon is leaving NCIS. They announced his return for the 16th season and stated that their decision was an easy one because everybody loves the actor and well-loved among fans.

If CBS gives the final go ahead on the series adaptation of ‘Prey,’ fans need not worry his departure from NCIS as he has no intent on leaving.

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