Toddler who died in a 'cage' seen kept on a leash in a heartbreaking video

Pedro Marrero
Nov 23, 2018
01:41 A.M.
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After about a year and a half, the city of Liverpool, England, remains shocked by a crime of which no explanation can be found.


A woman and her former partner were tried for causing or allowing the death of a 19-month-old girl who spent her days tied to a bed arranged as a kind of cage, as Daily Mail reported.

Ellie-May Minshull-Coyle died in March of last year in a two-bedroom apartment in Preston, on a bed converted into a cage and a room with no exit to the outside, because the windows were covered with a mattress and a sheet.

Subsequently, the officers accused the girl’s mother, Lauran Coyle, 19, and her stepfather, Reece Hitchcott, 20, of murdering her. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.


A disturbing footage of Hitchcott and Ellie-May has come to light, showing the stepdad watching over the toddler who is wearing a child harness. The images correspond to a visit they made just a day before her death to a job center near their home in Preston.

During the trial, Coyle blamed her boyfriend for killing her 19-month-old baby. The little girl died after being kept trapped in a "cage" built around her bed, in the apartment she shared with her mother.


Also, the investigations indicated that the young men kept the baby in the dark, sometimes tied to the bed so that she would not move, which is why when they found her without life they found marks on both her wrists and ankles.

The mother of the child stated that they had used this method (of tying the child) with the intention that she slept all night long and thus generate her sleeping routine.


However, the text messages to which the authorities got from the parents confirmed that the woman had problems in dealing with her motherhood.

The autopsy determined that the girl died of forced restriction due to ligatures in a face down position, complicated by hyperthermia.


Another case that has shocked Internet users is that of a child who was found dead in September near Lake Mead after his parents reported him missing the previous day.


However, the investigations indicated that it was the same parents who ended the child's life and then hid his body to avoid being suspected of the crime and going to jail.

Another shocking footage has surfaced the internet. It is a heartbreaking video of a little girl praising her dad just a few months before he murdered her along with her little sister and pregnant mother.

The father was arrested shortly after the girl’s mother and her daughters disappeared. He later confessed to murdering them.