Mom horrified by cruel note about her daughter who has a life-threatening illness

Pedro Marrero
Nov 23, 2018
03:39 A.M.
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A mother was outraged by the rude way in which a person left a note in her car without knowing the reality of what happens to her daughter.


Rachael Hanley, 22, found the handwritten note on the windshield of her car as it left the parking lot of Meadowhall Mall in Sheffield. She parked in the disabled position because her daughter Evie-Mae, 2 years old, has a severe respiratory condition.

The one who left the note in her car said he would denounce her for misusing the blue badge. However, Hanley, who is the mother of two children, said they have the blue badge because their young daughter has childhood apnea.

That condition means that her little girl can stop breathing suddenly, so she needs quick access to the oxygen she keeps in the car. Evie-Mae also suffers from seizures that endanger her life and has spent much of her life in the hospital. Follow us on Twitter to learn more.


Hanley unleashed her fury on social media after a driver left a very insensitive note in her car saying that her daughter "does not look or appear disabled" so, according to this person, Hanley should not use the bay for people with disabilities.

The mother of two said she remembers having an argument with a woman about the disabled parking bay as soon as she arrived at Sheffield's Meadowhall Mall.


Two hours later, when she returned to her car, she found the note that said: “I have reported you for miss using a blue badge. Your daughter did not look or appear disabled." The author of the note even said that next time she should bring a wheelchair.


Rachael explained in her Facebook post that Evie-Mae's respiratory condition is potentially deadly; because of infant apnea, the baby can stop breathing for long periods at least once a week.

She said: 'The reason we have the blue badge is because we have to carry portable oxygen at all times and the equipment is quite bulky. I think the woman misunderstood Evie-Mae who seems healthy. She looks good until she suddenly starts having an attack and she urgently needs CPR. "


Some disabilities are not always visible. Some people are outdated and would expect Evie-Mae to be in a wheelchair if we had a blue badge on the car.

A similar situation occurred to a woman and her daughter in Australia. Shanell Beriman and her 13-year-old daughter, Hailee, returned from a shopping trip to Kmart to find an anonymous note on their car accusing them of taking advantage of parking for the disabled.


What the angry bystander didn’t realize, Beriman says, is that her daughter is disabled. According to Beriman’s post, her daughter typically uses a wheelchair, walker, and other “supporting aids” daily, but can manage short distances on foot.

Some people should learn to have more respect for others, that reminds us of a French bus driver who sprang into action and ordered all his passengers to get off the bus after they refused to make space for a man on a wheelchair.

The bus driver taught everybody in the bus a lesson for sure. He ordered everyone to get off the bus and invited the disabled man and his companion to board it. Then he turned to the rest of the passengers and told them that they would have to wait for the next bus because he was not driving them.