Real reason revealed for why Prince Harry is moving to a new house with Meghan Markle

Kensington Palace confirmed over the weekend that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are moving out of their current residence, and into Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle.

In a statement over the weekend and confirming suspicions, the Palace said:

"Windsor is a very special place for Their Royal Highnesses, and they are grateful that their official residence will be on the estate."

Until that day comes, the royal couple is rumored to move into the 22 room apartment on the grounds of Kensington Palace. Royal correspondent, Rebecca English said in a new report Harry, and Meghan’s decision to leave the palace got fueled by their growing family, and what they want for their children as they grow up.

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The royal couple is getting ready to welcome their firstborn in the spring of 2019 and “wants to escape the goldfish bowl of royal life for the sake of his marriage and his unborn child.” according to Rebecca. 

Prince William and Prince Harry’s decision to live separately reportedly got “hastened” by Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle.

After returning from their royal tour of Australia and the Pacific, the couple made a final decision and chose Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate from the list of potential residences.

Having his children grow up in the public spotlight like his brother William’s children have, is something Prince Harry wants to avoid. Because Prince Harry is sixth in line for the throne he has more freedom regarding where he and his family live. Frogmore Cottage is more private and secluded with plenty of space for visitors, nannies, protection officers, and their future children to play around.

Rebecca goes on to say that there have been “some tensions behind the scenes,” but nothing has happened between any of the royal family members to trigger the move.

The royal couple’s future home in Frogmore Cottage got gifted to them by Prince Harry’s grandmother, the Queen. She had reportedly done the same for Prince William and Kate with their apartment at Kensington Palace.

Frogmore Cottage is currently undergoing renovations, as this former 20-room home will transform into a five or six bedroom cottage, including living space for a part-time nanny. The cottage is very old and previously consisted of five separate apartments occupied by the palace staff for many years.

Much larger than their current residence at Kensington Palace, it will also feature a nursery for their unborn, and an all-purpose space for gym and personal training use. The property does not have a gym or a yoga studio, so it will provide the royal couple with space where they can do both. 

According to a royal source, the residence may only be ready next fall, although the royal couple is aware that the time given in which to perform the renovations are tight. They are also mentally prepared to not be moved into Frogmore Cottage until autumn 2019.

One of the reasons they chose Frogmore House could be for its sentimental value too, as it is where the couple had their wedding reception and is reported by a source that Windsor is a “very special place to Harry.”

However, Meghan and Prince Harry’s future children may not have a royal title. Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William’s children do have the titles of prince and princess respectively, but that is due to an amendment the Queen made to a rule implemented initially by King George V in 1917.

According to this rule, only the oldest living son of the oldest living son of the monarch should have the title of Prince or Princess before their Christian names. 

And as the ABC news royal contributor, Imogen Lloyd Webber points this out it becomes apparent why the children of Prince Harry is set to not have royal titles. The Queen is not likely to extend the same update to Prince Harry’s children as they are seventh in line and doubtful to make it to the throne.

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