Oklahoma man fatally shoots a home intruder 5 years after shooting another alleged burglar

Rodolfo Vieira
Nov 29, 2018
03:49 P.M.

A man from Oklahoma has become more or less of legend amongst thieves, especially after shooting and killing the last man who tried to rob him.


Charles Sweeney, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, knows exactly how to deal with those who dare step foot inside his property and doesn't shy away from showing it.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, Sweeney shot and killed a man who was breaking into his house on Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

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It has been reported that Donald Stovall, the intruder, tried to sneak into Sweeney's home through a small window in the bathroom at around 9:08 a.m.

The homeowner heard him and the two came face-to-face, which was when Sweeney pulled out his weapon and shot Stovall, who was later identified by the police.


This was the second time that Sweeney had to shoot an intruder; Five years earlier, he found two burglars inside his home and managed to severely injure one of them.


Both burglars were placed under arrest and pleaded guilty to charges of breaking and entering, but Sweeney confessed that he has had to deal with other intruders in the meantime.

According to the man, he had to 'escort at least half a dozen people off the property,' which seems to be quite a hotspot for burglars.

When it comes to Stovall's death, Captain Karen Tipler claimed that Sweeney did nothing wrong considering that people have the right to defend themselves in their homes.



Tipler added that, if a person finds an intruder in their home and feels that their life or the life of someone else may be in danger, they have the right to do protect themselves.

Sweeney shared that he didn't regret killing Stovall or any intruder who might try to rob him in the future for that matter. But, sometimes, people are not the only ones protecting their homes.

A German Shepherd named Oden was hailed a hero by his owner, Tristan Murrin, after attacking an intruder. The discovery was made by the family, who returned home one afternoon and found blood everywhere, from the walls to the floor. The identity of the burglar is yet to be revealed.

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